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3G / 4G car SD card recorder comprehensive technical

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-27
???????The 3G / 4G wireless network video surveillance system adopts a modular design, which can use the wireless 3G / 4G network of China Telecom and China Unicom for data transmission. The system uses standard TCP / UDP protocol to transmit video data, which can be constructed in LAN, WAN and wireless. On the web. System authorized users can monitor the monitoring site in real time on any computer on the network, which has strong operability and scalability. sd card car recorder ??????First, the monitoring host installs client software to realize video browsing and camera attitude adjustment and viewing functions for each monitoring point. Real-time browsing, you can achieve 'monitor anytime, anywhere, according to demand' without being restricted by space. The video recording adopts H.264 codec technology, and the 4-channel simultaneous transmission image is clear and natural; the image has no flicker and good continuity. It can clearly and effectively record all the images of driving, and can assemble the required video clips according to customer needs. sd card car recorder ??????Secondly, the industrial-grade in-vehicle 3G wireless video transmission monitoring system (integrated terminal equipment for in-vehicle wireless video real-time transmission function + in-vehicle real-time local video recording function), based on industrial-grade in-vehicle SD card recorders, integrates 3G wireless video real-time transmission technology through Processing of computer technology, network technology, image processing, 3G wireless transmission technology, and wireless positioning technology realizes the transmission and positioning of real-time video signals at long distances to moving vehicles, realizes remote real-time video dynamic monitoring, realizes local real-time video recording, networking, Wireless, remote monitoring is the main direction of the development of intelligent traffic monitoring. Construct a road transportation enterprise safety management auxiliary system. ??????Finally, Eagle Mobile Video Co., Ltd.'s system core hardware and management software are independently developed, which can provide timely and effective after-sales service, can be tailored to the user's requirements in terms of functions, and design a unique solution.
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