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4 points to judge whether the car video recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-19
As a kind of monitoring equipment, car video recorders are currently relatively common in life. How do we judge the quality of car video recorders when using them? At this point, we must focus on four points. ?1. The first is to observe the size and weight of the car video recorder and the material of the housing. A good quality car video recorder is generally small in size, and the material is to choose those materials with light heat dissipation and fast, and has waterproof, dustproof, anti-theft Features. ?2. If the car recorder is of high quality, the function will be relatively complete, and the recording effect is clear. ?3. In general, the power supply of the vehicle is 12V or 24V. During the driving and charging of the vehicle, the voltage change range is relatively large. If it is above the protection range, it is easy to cause the car recorder. Threats, during the relevant testing process, we have to test the withstand voltage range and protection range of the car video recorder. ?4. SD cards are generally used as storage media in car video recorders. It is better to have anti-shock and anti-collision capabilities. ?For the merits of the car video recorder, see the above four points to make related judgments.
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