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9 major functions of bus hard disk recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-28
Car video recorder ??1. The total length of the vehicle is 12 meters, and there are two doors at the front and rear. It is required to be able to put the two doors on and off the passengers. The on-board situation of the passengers 15 minutes before and after the boarding and the passengers and the ticket sales situation of the flight attendants are recorded correctly in real time, basically no dead ends. ?????2. Set several levels of governance authority, the crew can not switch video or delete video data; ?????3. Can store more than 60 hours of video data; ?????4. Governance staff can inquire relevant video materials over time; ?????5. Important video data can be backed up to other hard disks or CD-ROMs. Time reminders are required on the backed up video; ?????6. It can record the license plate and driving route, and it is better to have the recording function of real-time information such as vehicle speed and steering; ?????7. You can change the recording mode according to your needs, such as continuous recording, alarm recording, timing recording, etc .; ?????8. The video quality is required to be clear, and playback can clearly identify the characteristics and behavior of the perpetrator, and can be used as evidence in the court; ?????9. Play various entertainment programs at the same time of video recording, it is best to insert advertisements.
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