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Advantages and development trends of intelligent

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-04
In recent years, video surveillance systems have moved from behind the scenes to the front desk and into our lives. Cameras can be seen everywhere at the entrances and exits of workplaces and communities, and video surveillance has become an indispensable part of people's real life. The development of the video surveillance system has gone through three stages of development: the first-generation fully analog system, the second-generation partially digitized system, and the third-generation fully digitized system (front-end network camera). Now the entire industry is brewing A new revolution in video surveillance-intelligent video surveillance. Intelligent video surveillance is based on digital and networked video surveillance, but it is different from general networked video surveillance. It is a higher-end video surveillance application. The intelligent video surveillance system can automatically identify different objects, find abnormal conditions in the monitoring screen, and can issue alarms and provide useful information in the fastest and best way, which can more effectively assist security personnel to deal with crises and maximize To reduce false positives and false negatives. Today, the world's fight against terrorism is becoming more and more serious, and intelligent video surveillance can obviously become a powerful auxiliary tool for responding to terrorist attacks and handling emergencies. In addition, intelligent video surveillance can also be applied in a variety of non-security-related scenarios such as traffic management, customer behavior analysis, and customer service to improve the user's return on investment. 1. Intelligent Video Surveillance Intelligent video surveillance is based on computer vision technology to analyze the video image content of the surveillance scene, extract key information in the scene, and form a corresponding event and alarm monitoring method. It is a new generation of surveillance system based on video content analysis. If the camera is regarded as a human eye, then an intelligent video surveillance system or device can be regarded as a human brain. Intelligent video surveillance technology uses the powerful data processing function of the computer to analyze the massive data in the video screen at high speed, filter out the information that the user does not care about, and only provide useful key information for the monitor. Second, the advantages of intelligent video surveillance Intelligent video surveillance is based on ordinary network video surveillance. In addition to the well-known advantages of network video surveillance, intelligent video surveillance systems can also bring greater benefits to users: 24x7 reliable monitoring: completely change the mode of monitoring and analysis of monitoring pictures by security staff in the past, and monitor the pictures through the intelligent video module embedded in the front-end processing equipment (intelligent video network camera or intelligent video server) Non-stop analysis. Greatly improve the accuracy of the alarm: the front-end processing equipment (intelligent video network camera or intelligent video server) integrates powerful image processing capabilities and runs advanced intelligent algorithms to enable users to define the characteristics of security threats more accurately and effectively reduce false alarms and leaks Report phenomenon to reduce the amount of useless data. Greatly improve the response speed: Turn the post-mortem analysis of the general monitoring system into an accident analysis and early warning, which can identify suspicious activities (such as someone leaving a suspicious object in a public place, or someone staying in a sensitive area for too long), in Before a security threat occurs, it can prompt security personnel to pay attention to the relevant monitoring screens to prepare in advance. It can also enable users to define more precisely the actions that should be taken when a specific security threat appears, and the monitoring system itself ensures that the crisis handling steps can be Accurate execution according to the planned plan, effectively prevent delays caused by human factors in the chaos. Effective use and expansion of the use of video resources: intelligent analysis and filtering of events and pictures, only retaining and recording useful information, making the analysis of events more effective and direct, and at the same time can use these video resources in non-security areas Carrying out a higher level of analysis, such as an intelligent video system, can also help the owner of the retail store to count the number of customers that day patronized, to analyze sales, etc. 3. System function Perimeter alert and intrusion detection: accurately detect and identify the movement of a single object or multiple objects and track the movement trajectory in complex weather environments (such as rain, snow, fog, strong wind, etc.), including movement direction, movement Features, etc. Theft or movement detection of items; when the objects in the surveillance scene are stolen and moved, the algorithm will automatically detect this action, which is often used for the monitoring of valuable items and key equipment. Detection of leftover and abandoned items: When an object (such as a box, package, vehicle, person, etc.) stays in a sensitive area for too long, or exceeds a predefined length of time, an alarm is generated. Typical application scenarios include airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc. Traffic statistics: Count the number of people or objects crossing the entrance or designated area. For example, calculating the number of customers who visit their store on a certain day. Congestion detection; Identify the overall movement characteristics of the crowd, including speed, direction, etc., to avoid the formation of congestion, or find abnormal conditions in time. Typical application scenarios include places where people gather in supermarkets and train stations. PTZ tracking; after detecting a moving object, according to the movement of the object, it automatically sends PTZ control commands to enable the camera to automatically track the object. After the object exceeds the monitoring range of the camera, the camera in the area where the object is located is automatically notified to continue tracking. Firework detection: Real-time detection of fireworks based on the spatiotemporal characteristics of fireworks displayed during the fire. Human behavior analysis: on the basis of target detection classification, various behavioral characteristics of the human body are used to describe and analyze various behaviors carried out by them, and which dangerous and potentially dangerous behaviors are extracted, such as fighting, snatching, and suddenly falling to the ground, etc. behavior. Face recognition: Automatically detects and recognizes the facial features of people, and compares with database files to identify or verify the identity of people. Vehicle identification: Identify the shape, color, license plate number and other characteristics of the vehicle, and feedback to the monitor. Such applications can be used in scenarios such as stolen vehicle tracking. 4. Product form Due to the wide variety of applications, intelligent video surveillance will exhibit a variety of product forms, including: The intelligent processing algorithm is loaded on the network video server (NVS/DVS) to form an intelligent video server. The intelligent processing algorithm is loaded in the network camera to form an intelligent network camera. The intelligent processing algorithm is loaded in the hard disk recorder to form an intelligent analysis hard disk recorder. The intelligent processing algorithm will also implement centralized analysis and processing capabilities together with video surveillance software in the form of software storage. 5. Development Trend Judging from the market's demand situation, as the anti-terrorism situation continues to be severe, intelligent video surveillance systems are increasingly attracting people's attention, and the demand is in the process of rising. In general, the smart video application market is transforming from the 'proof of concept' stage to the 'scale application' stage, and smart video has slowly begun to form an industry. From a technical point of view, intelligent video surveillance will move toward: adapting to more complex and changeable scenes; identifying and analyzing more behaviors and abnormal events; developing at a lower cost; truly “scenario-based content analysis 'Direction. From an application point of view, the current smart video surveillance is still a high-end application, mainly used in some specific occasions, but as the market and technology mature, smart video surveillance will be widely promoted in all walks of life , And even into thousands of households. 6. Conclusion Intelligentization, digitalization, and networking are inevitable trends in the development of video surveillance. The emergence of intelligent video surveillance is a direct manifestation of this trend. Intelligent video surveillance equipment has more powerful image processing capabilities and intelligent factors than ordinary network video surveillance equipment, so it can provide users with more advanced video analysis functions, which can greatly improve the capabilities of video surveillance systems and make video resources Can play a bigger role. In order to promote the development of the intelligent video industry and achieve a win-win result for all parties, it is necessary to rationally organize all these participants of surveillance equipment hardware suppliers, intelligent video software suppliers, distributors and distributors, and system integrators so that they can fully Leverage their respective advantages to create a comprehensive solution that meets the needs of end users.
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