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Analysis of the common problems of car hard disk

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-23
Car DVR is an emerging special product developed with the application of digital video and audio coding technology in vehicles. The following is a brief introduction to the common questions and answers of the car hard disk recorder by Texwell editor. Car video recorder ????Analysis of the common problems of car hard disk video recorder The power supply of the recorder is connected and there is no video output. The first and second indicators on the panel flash alternately. ????The first and second indicator lights on the panel are 'power' and 'running' lights. If the above phenomenon occurs, it means that the recorder is not connected to the ignition signal line. Please check whether the yellow line in the power input line is connected to the positive level Or is it consistent with the effective level set in the menu. (The factory default setting is high level effective, that is, the yellow ignition signal line is effective when connected to the positive pole of the power supply). SD card capacity is limited, how to make the recording time delay meet the requirements of Party A ????You can appropriately reduce the frame rate of the video, reduce the image quality of the video, and use the composite mode to record. ????1. Set the channel mode in the 'Recording Settings' menu to combined recording. ????2. Enter the 'Video parameter setting' menu, select a lower video quality, and at the same time reduce the frame rate to 12 frames per second or even lower. Generally, the above method can delay the recording time by 4 to 10 times. When using the recorder, the screen prompts 'Read Only Error'. ????Please check whether the SD card is write-protected, if it is, please move the paddle to a non-write-protected state. What is high level and what is low level ????Generally, there are only two levels on a car, one is power and the other is ground. The car power supply voltage is generally 12V and 24V, we generally call it high level, rather than giving a specific voltage value. The car ground is the reference level, to be precise, the negative pole of the power supply, we generally call it low level. If it is a negative control car (the main switch cuts off the negative pole of the battery and the body), the body is connected to the positive pole of the battery through a certain resistance. What is the voltage range of high level and low level in VCR? ????The low-level voltage range is DC 0V ~ 3V, and the high-level DC6V ~ 32V. Why can't the VCR be controlled remotely ????Please make sure that the battery installed in your remote control is exhausted, or try to replace it with a new battery. There is also a remote control operation aimed at the remote control receiving window of the VCR. Car remote control SD card or hard disk are connected, but no video ????Please confirm whether the recording mode of the recorder is changed from the default setting of 'Auto' to 'Off', and whether there is any modification to record by time period, and the current time is not within the set recording time period. ????The above is an introduction to the frequently asked questions of car hard disk recorders, you can find out. The vehicle-mounted hard disk recorder combines advanced technologies such as digital video and audio codec, harsh environment and large-capacity data hard disk storage, automotive electronics, wireless video network transmission, GPS satellite positioning, etc., to achieve video and audio monitoring of passenger transportation, special vehicle industry and other related fields .
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