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Application of high-speed camera in three-dimensional

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-02
??????The use of high-speed camera systems in the three-dimensional tracking of human movements can realistically reproduce athletes' movements and trajectories, and output movement data such as displacement, velocity, and angular velocity of athletes at any time, which is convenient for quantitative analysis and combines human physiology and physics principles. Research on improved methods to get rid of human motion observation from a purely empirical state and enter the era of theory and digitization. ??????The three-dimensional tracking of human motion based on photoelectric measurement belongs to non-contact measurement, which has the advantages of no additional load on the human body, no interference with limb movements, and measurement in close to actual working conditions. The detection and processing of human motion information is based on human motion as the research object. Accurately measure and analyze the displacement, velocity, acceleration, and interaction of various parts of the human body during motion. ??????Force and EMG signals, and process and analyze them. ??????(1) Sports training is currently in a transitional stage from experience to science, and the understanding of human movement is also moving from rough to precise. How to obtain accurate, timely and multi-faceted sports parameters and use these parameters is important to improve athletes' performance. means; ??????(2) In the field of rehabilitation, in order to evaluate the effects of disability, diagnose diseases and identify rehabilitation equipment, the objective and effective method is to perform gait analysis of the three-dimensional simulation and analysis system of human motion and function evaluation of other parts of the human body; ??????(3) In the fields of science and technology such as aerospace, aviation, and navigation, it is necessary to study the changes and damage of human functions in special environments F (acceleration, vibration, low pressure, high noise, etc.), and discuss how to improve the environment and exercise the body To improve people's adaptability; ??????(4) In the analysis of labor protection and traffic accidents, in order to properly design protective devices and protection systems, it is necessary to understand the mechanical process of injury and the ability of human tissues and organs to withstand impact and acceleration. In addition, in the fields of ergonomics research, simulation training, and human animation production, two-dimensional simulation and analysis of human motion are equally promising. ??????The above description shows that there are many applicable aspects of high-speed camera systems in three-dimensional tracking of human motion. It can be predicted that with the development of the technology itself and the improvement of the technical level of the relevant application fields, this research will be more and more widely used.
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