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Basic use of GPS vehicle monitoring and management system

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-26
The service objects can be: transportation vehicles, rental vehicles, bus vehicles, fire fighting vehicles, emergency vehicles, border guard vehicles, bill-money vehicles, dangerous goods vehicles, emergency command vehicles, VIP fleets, private vehicles, project vehicles, etc. Digital Jinshi GPS vehicle supervision system can provide different special functions for different users and vehicles with different purposes. 1. GPS Global Positioning Satellite System (referred to as GPS) The GPS system is a method used by the GPS vehicle management system to determine the position of the vehicle. The vehicle-mounted equipment receives the signals from the GPS satellites, and after data processing, obtains real-time longitude and latitude position data of the vehicle. GPS is a global positioning satellite system built in the United States and opened to the global users in 1993. It has the characteristics of any location, any time, all-weather, high-precision positioning and timing in the world. 2. GSM / GPRS mobile communication system (referred to as GSM / GPRS) The communication system is a two-way data exchange platform between the vehicle-mounted equipment and the vehicle data service platform. The vehicle data service platform obtains the vehicle's location data and status information through the GSM / GPRS mobile communication platform. The user supervision center issues data or voice control and dispatch command commands through the vehicle data service platform and the GSM / GPRS mobile communication platform. In addition, the digital Jinshi GPS vehicle management system is compatible with multiple communication platforms, and can also use CDMA, CDPD, cluster and other wireless data communication systems that have been or are under construction by the telecommunications department. 3. Data transmission network The data transmission network is the data exchange transmission network from the vehicle data service platform to the communication platform exchange center, the user supervision center to the vehicle data service platform. This system can use various wired and wireless data transmission lines such as PSTN, ISDN, ADSL, DDN, Internet, and satellite. 4. Vehicle data service platform The vehicle data service platform is the core data management platform between the user supervision center and the in-vehicle equipment. It has the functions of data sending, receiving, processing, storage, query, maintenance, exchange, and management. The system realizes the special functions of centralized vehicle data management and user data distribution unique to the GPS vehicle management system through the vehicle data service platform. The vehicle data service platform has a wide area network and local area network topology. The WAN is connected to the GSM / GPRS switching center through routers and dedicated transmission lines, and is remotely connected to the user supervision center through routers, Internet, ISDN, PSTN, ADSL and other transmission networks. The local area network has an internal network and an external network topology structure, and the internal network is configured with an NT domain server, a database server, and an internal network communication workstation.
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