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Car DVR can be customized according to different

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-18
1.Customer function analysis In addition to the simple on-board video surveillance function, the needs of the passenger industry for car DVRs also require wireless network video surveillance (to understand the real-time situation inside and outside the car), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle voice reporting stations, vehicle driving information records, multimedia Entertainment advertisement playback and other functions. 2. Vehicle customization function analysis The industry's main functions for car DVRs are: video surveillance, wireless network transmission, PTZ control, etc. More attention is paid to how to obtain evidence in violation of regulations. The main requirements are: license plate recognition, blacklist comparison and so on. And transport management and other industries also have similar needs. 3. Analysis of customized functions in the financial industry Banknote transport vehicles in the financial industry require the on-board hard disk video recorder to work stably and reliably, and to upload video and alarm information to the management center platform in an emergency, and to interact with the monitoring center platform. 4, automotive electronics customization The on-board hard disk video recorder should also be combined with automotive electronics related functions. For example: CAN bus technology is commonly used for collecting and uploading driving data, and the on-board hard disk video recorder should also have the function of CAN bus access and analysis and processing, and record the relevant information of vehicle driving through the hard disk , And analyze and process important data. 5. Vehicle DVR application for other vehicles Rail transit, shipping, aviation and other industries also have real-time monitoring requirements. In addition to adding hard disk vibration reduction and reinforcement treatment, these industries also need to pay attention to the differences between the power supply used in such projects and ordinary car power supplies, such as: The power supply is mostly DC48V or DC110V, while the ordinary vehicle power supply is DC12V or DC24V.
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