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Car DVR DVR principle

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-03
Application range of car hard disk video recorder In the current transportation industry, companies often suffer economic losses and reputation losses due to poor regulation. For example, conflicts and disputes between crew members and passengers occur from time to time; poor service awareness and inadequacy of crew members directly affect the company's image; crew members carry passengers, collect money, collect money, and collect money. Failure to give tickets, etc., greatly reduces corporate earnings. Installing a vehicle-mounted closed-circuit monitoring video recording system can effectively monitor the situation in the vehicle (drivers and passengers), effectively control the behavior of embezzlement of public funds, and check whether the driver has violated rules and regulations. Can effectively improve the quality of services, enhance economic benefits, enhance the competitiveness of road transport, and build a brand enterprise with a higher level of management and service quality. The appearance of vicious incidents of vehicle public safety will seriously affect people's choice of bus routes. In particular, long-distance buses have long driving times, long distances, and a large number of people on and off. Criminal behaviors occur from time to time. Malignant incidents such as theft, robbery, and easy-going by car robbers on the way have a great impact. Criminals roam and commit crimes. Persuasive evidence handling and mediation are tricky. The installation of a vehicle-mounted closed-circuit surveillance video system can deter the occurrence of wrongdoing and protect the personal and property safety of the crew and passengers. The video data can be used as evidence of criminals to assist in the investigation. The specific applications are: Bus, coach Monitoring of fares while driving, behavior monitoring of driver and passenger; In the event of passenger injury, theft, robbery, etc., audiovisual evidence is preserved; Evidence of audiovisual materials after a traffic accident. Police car Video recording of police officers' work situation is saved for analysis and proof afterwards; Video recordings of people and vehicles at the crime scene. Logistic vehicle, truck Video monitoring of cargo loading, transportation and unloading to prevent theft; Money car, fire truck, ambulance Safety monitoring, duty monitoring. School bus, taxi, private car Insurance claim proof, anti-theft, anti-robbery. 2. Working Principle of Car DVR The Liyan vehicle DVR uses an embedded operating system. Its system is perfectly integrated with the operating system of the hard disk video recorder. It directly calls the hardware, which speeds up the response time, improves the running speed, and reduces unnecessary extra functions. Each part of the Daliyan vehicle DVR is integrated on the motherboard. Unlike ordinary security surveillance video recorders, it has good adaptability to harsh environments such as low frequency vibration and dust. Puliyan Vehicle DVR is highly anti-virus. Because of the use of professional software and hardware, the data stored on the chip is read-only and not writable, and the incidental functions of the software are very small, and the virus cannot invade. To make a stable vehicle DVR, in addition to a stable operating system, the following issues must be solved: Stable wide voltage, the voltage on the car is unstable, and the acceleration, battery aging and other operations will affect the voltage fluctuation on the car, the lowest can reach 6V and the highest can reach 70V. Vehicle DVRs without ultra-wide voltage cannot work normally in the car. Frequent crashes, no video recording, severe burning of motherboards, power boards, cameras and even other equipment on the car. Liyan vehicle DVR has done a lot of work on power supply. The machine can work normally from 7V to 40V and has a stable 12V / 4A voltage output for cameras and on-board displays. Professional anti-vibration treatment, low frequency vibration is the main part of the car, most of the car is mainly 20HZ-40HZ vibration, Poor anti-shock processing will cause problems such as vehicle DVR crashes, restarts, hard disks not working, and lost video segments. Liyan car DVR has done a very professional treatment on shock resistance, mainly from two aspects: First, on the hardware, the hard disk and the shockproof silicone pad of the whole machine are designed by themselves, with anti-low frequency vibration, and the circuit boards are all welded Plug the wires, all wire connectors are locked. Secondly, in terms of software, the software independently developed for automotive DVRs has the MPFS (Multiple Protected File System) file system and data high error correction function. Suitable for the machine structure of the car, the environment on the car is harsh, heat dissipation, dustproof, waterproof, anti-folding, anti-pressure are the issues that must be considered. Car washing may allow water to enter other equipment on the car. Drivers, conductors, passengers, and other personnel may damage, smash, or press the machine. The recorder generates a lot of heat, and a lot of dust is generated on the car. These problems will affect the car. The normal operation of the vehicle DVR, if any of these problems are not handled and resolved well, it will be an unqualified vehicle DVR. Liyan Car DVR designed a car DVR case according to the actual situation on the car. The case is made of strong steel plate, and there is no detachable reel on the outside after being locked. The front and rear shutters are ventilated, heat-dissipated, and waterproof. The inner car DVR housing is made of aluminum. The whole machine uses vortex vents to achieve the chimney duct effect, and an aluminum plate is attached to the main board to prevent dust and heat dissipation. Easy management, a large number of vehicles, a large number of video data per vehicle, if you can not find and read easily and quickly, it will cause users to require a lot of personnel and time to manage. Liyan vehicle DVR's video files are compatible with FAT32 format, which can be read directly from the computer through a hard disk reader. The file name of the video file is named by the date and time plus the license plate number. The license plate number, time, GPS information and Date, support CF card video and data copy.
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