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Car DVR function is perfect, help build a better society

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-26
Due to the development of mobile security multimedia technology and automotive electronic technology, the application of in-vehicle digital hard disk recorders: such as Kunming bus installation 'small TV' humanized service to expand the market; Qingdao bus triggered a technological storm; most of the buses in Liuzhou will be installed with 'clever eyes' Real-time monitoring and operation; technology makes Shanghai buses “smart”; Beijing buses will install a “black box”, and Shenzhen buses will be equipped with four-way on-board hard disk recorders. From then on, the most intuitive video and audio information will be presented to us in real time and become public transportation management The department's powerful technical assistants provide a scientific and authoritative basis for the traffic management department to accurately understand and define the causes of traffic accidents and deal with them impartially, and at the same time allow the company's legal income to be effectively guaranteed. Warnings and disclosures are made for illegal and criminal acts that occur in and around the car, so that our property and personal safety are fully guaranteed. Play an active and important role in building a more harmonious and beautiful society. The functions of car DVR products on the market are becoming more and more perfect, but the quality and practicality are not satisfactory, and the after-sales service and technical support are also uneven. Industry insiders will explain to you the actual installation plan of the vehicle and the matters needing attention: the entire process of law enforcement, as the law enforcement officer's law enforcement evidence, can also supervise the law enforcement process of law enforcement personnel and improve the law enforcement level of law enforcement personnel. The hard disk recorders of law enforcement vehicles are generally equipped with LCD screens and PTZ control interfaces. Law enforcement personnel can control the camera position and zoom parameters of the camera through the control keys, so that the hard disk recorders can record information about the external conditions of the vehicle at different angles and different distances on the hard disk. in.
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