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Car video surveillance case study

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-20
Due to the rapid development of public passenger transportation, more and more attention has been paid to the safety and management of operating personnel during the operation process, and higher requirements have been placed on the on-board video surveillance system installed in buses. With the continuous development of the vehicle security industry, vehicle monitoring is a self-contained, small-scale mobile monitoring place. There are different installation solutions according to different application requirements. Generally, there are the following points. Public Security Monitoring-The reason why this is the first place to tell is because the security of the vehicle is to do security precautions, and do a good job in advance. As a public travel tool, buses of all colors will stay here, which is a complex word. Therefore, some criminals have targeted the bus, making the bus a frequent source of public security cases such as theft, so the existence of in-vehicle video surveillance is inevitable. The department can install several in-car condition monitoring cameras in the compartment through the bus company. Generally there is a front door and a rear door of the car, which are used to monitor the situation of loading and unloading passengers; a camera is installed at the front of the car and the rear of the car to monitor the situation inside the car; Monitoring of drivers and conductors-Bus companies also attach great importance to employees' own problems. Monitoring can be used to understand the working conditions of bus drivers and ticket clerks in real-time supervision. For example, you can check whether the driver is operating normally and whether there are indecent behaviors, etc., so that you can monitor the driver ’s self-discipline. You can also check the ticket sales situation of the ticket clerk to supervise the standardization of ticket sales. Recorders, mainly the recent incidents of porcelain touched repeatedly. Then the bus may also encounter some unexpected traffic incidents during the driving process, such as lane changes, rear-end collisions, etc. When a traffic accident occurs, the responsibility can be determined by on-board video recording; at the same time, the video captured by the front camera After being transmitted to the background, it can also be used as a source of information to understand the driving conditions of the vehicle (vehicle position, speed, road congestion) in the background, which is convenient for command and dispatch in the background; Rear monitoring-Due to the huge size of buses, there are a lot of blind spots. Therefore, it can be used in the case of reversing or being rear-ended. When the camera is placed behind the vehicle, when the driver performs the reversing action, the on-board display terminal will automatically switch to the rear monitoring channel. The camera lens of the vehicle must be adjustable in three axes, and a short-focus wide-angle lens (with a large viewing angle of 90 °) can be used to make the vehicle monitoring screen wider. The resolution of the surveillance camera is D1, and human faces and movements can be clearly seen, which can meet the needs of in-vehicle surveillance. For night surveillance, the low-light capture technology should be decided according to the actual situation and cost budget. On-board monitoring also needs attention in construction. Buses are generally dirty and messy, so the camera must also have some waterproof and dustproof performance. If it is installed outside the car, it must also have good explosion-proof performance. In actual operation, the on-board camera-camera must be installed firmly, and it must withstand the test of frequent shaking of the car. The camera must always keep the same swing range with the vehicle body, so that the acquired image will not be shaken. Due to the special situation that the bus is in motion at all times, vibration will occur at any time, which places high requirements on the vehicle storage technology. Therefore, the reasonable purchase and installation of the vehicle hard disk video recorder is also a problem that cannot be ignored.
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