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Car video surveillance plays an important role

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-14
As society's acceptance of in-vehicle digital video recorders has increased, demands at various levels have also emerged. The more complete the function of the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder, the wider the scope of application and the greater the role. It is not only widely used in urban BUS, long-distance bus, freight vehicles, but also in trains, ships, ambulances, fire engines, law enforcement vehicles, Traffic control vehicles, material transportation vehicles, station wagons, government agencies, school buses and other fields have very important uses. Vehicle digital video recorders will play a very important role in protecting the development of social civilization, social harmony and people's travel safety. Under the application requirements of different industries, vehicle monitoring systems also play different roles. The focus of the industry is different, and the system functions and product configurations have evolved different characteristics. Car video surveillance Future application and development direction Due to the mobility of the vehicle, users' demands for remote video surveillance of the vehicle, GPS / Beidou satellite positioning of the vehicle, and data exchange between the dispatching host and the platform are particularly urgent. With the continuous popularization of 4G and 3G networks, the network bandwidth has increased exponentially, which can meet the needs of video data transmission with high frame rate and high image quality. The in-vehicle video surveillance solutions of the original bicycles, mainly based on local recording, are gradually developing towards systemization, networking and platformization. At the same time, for the green travel advocated by the state, the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction, and the requirements of bus companies for their own operating costs and efficiency, they also need to collect and analyze vehicle driving data, driver operation habits and other data, by collecting vehicle operation The status, such as fuel consumption, mileage, etc., and the collection of the driver ’s operation information, after quantifying the driver ’s movement, analyze it through a mathematical model, give a quantified standard, and combine the vehicle information to give the optimal driving movement, Provide help to bus companies to improve the efficiency of business operations. Vehicle monitoring About vehicle monitoring Vehicle monitoring is also called MDVR (mobile digital video recording system, which uses the same audio and video acquisition and compression methods as ordinary DVR, but due to different functional applications and environmental requirements, vehicle DVR has its special design requirements. From the application environment In other words, the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder needs to record and transmit the scene in a complex environment with high-speed movement, severe vibration, unstable power supply, severe interference, and dust. At the same time, the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder also has monitoring and driving status records. , And several major functions such as additional entertainment and advertising, with different emphasis according to different applications, including Beidou / GPS satellite positioning, wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G / 4G) and other extended functions.
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