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Correct installation method of reversing camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
One is installed at the position of the license plate lamp, which is relatively easy to install, and the camera can be fixed at the position of the license plate lamp only by using the small screw provided in the camera accessory, through the adjustment of the iron sheet or gasket in the accessory, the camera achieves the best reversing angle of view, and the line of the camera penetrates into the car through the gap of the license plate lamp, and is connected with the reversing lamp power supply and the video extension cable, this type of reversing camera is currently popular, with a more concealed appearance and easier installation. The other is drilling installation, embedded inside the bumper, the advantage of this method is not to drill holes in the metal parts behind the car, because the bumper is a plastic part, the camera routing is relatively easy. Finally, connect the power line of the camera with the power line of the rear reversing lamp, then connect the video line of the camera with the video extension line, and connect the other end of the video extension line with the AV input of the vehicle-mounted display to restore the battery power supply, start the car and hang up the reversing gear to see the reversing image on the on-board display. Car owners can't rely entirely on the reversing Rear View system to reverse the car, but can only regard it as an auxiliary tool for reversing; The vehicle-mounted display must be connected correctly. If the display does not provide AV input interface, the corresponding video cable must be found or a video switching device must be installed so that the rear view image can be displayed normally; Do not easily connect the vehicle-mounted electrical power supply directly to the vehicle-mounted battery power supply to avoid unstable power supply. Installing a reversing camera, the reversing image system requires some knowledge of automotive electronics and considerable hands-on ability. If it is not properly operated, it may cause damage to the car and do more harm than good, the owner's ability in this area is uneven, so we usually do not recommend that the owner install the reversing image system. It is recommended that the owner install directly to the technical service personnel, and require the construction personnel to operate in strict accordance with the product installation instructions; At the same time, if you encounter problems, you can directly find engineers to give necessary guidance and strive to standardize the installation process. Whether it is to install the reversing image, or to install the car navigation DVD system, as well as the original factory upgrade, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, such high-end car system navigation function reversing camera function upgrade, all need professional personnel to install, which will avoid many unnecessary losses. The word DIY is brought from abroad, but because of different physiques, foreign labor is more expensive, and many of them are done by themselves, including their own decoration.
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