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Do taxis need to be installed and monitored?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-15
It has been proposed that surveillance cameras should be installed in taxis a few years ago, but this is a matter of controversy regarding the privacy of taxi drivers and passengers. Because taxis are generally managed by franchised companies, even so, there is still a big vacancy in taxi management. Some taxi drivers violate the laws and regulations such as speeding, arbitrarily parking, disguising and refusing to load, driven by economic interests , There are many reasons for the fluke's serious psychology, weak civilization consciousness, and weak legal awareness. Taxi monitoring Prior to this, it has been widely implemented in taxis that the taxis that are put into operation should be installed with a satellite positioning device with a driving record function. The purpose is that once problems such as refusal to load and detours occur, the transportation management department can use the satellite positioning device installed on the taxi. Investigation. However, there is still no effective solution to the loss of passengers ’belongings in taxis and the conflict between the two sides, especially after social incidents such as the robbery of taxi drivers and malicious harassment of passengers by taxi drivers. The stronger. Taxi monitoring More and more urban taxis are equipped with monitoring Taxi, as one of the public transportation means, also undertakes large passenger flow transportation tasks in major cities to facilitate the public to travel. At present, more and more provinces and cities across the country have requested the installation of surveillance cameras in the new regulations on taxi management. The Legal Office of the Shenyang Municipal Government requires taxis to install vehicle-mounted terminal equipment compatible with the GPS service platform developed and constructed by the industry, which has functions such as monitoring, anti-robbery, positioning, and dispatching; starting from January 25, 2016, Starting from January 25, 2016, 300 taxis will be upgraded and replaced with the monitoring and management system on the basis of retaining the original system functions, adding video full-range monitoring functions, and establishing taxi satellite positioning monitoring, 4G video monitoring, and service evaluation applications Subsystem and 2 fixed 'Skynet Project' monitoring points; Hangzhou Taxi, in October last year, based on the original three cameras in the main city taxi, this time, each car was installed with an additional camera to drive The function of the recorder. On the monitoring platform of the management department, you can view the situation in the car in real time; in September 2015, Dongyang City realized that all 426 taxis in the urban area completed the installation of the video and audio monitoring system, becoming the first county and city in Jinhua City to install the system; In Lhasa, the 200 new taxis added in 2014 were equipped with dual cameras and recording equipment, and also installed a taxi dispatch management system, which will play a supporting role in infrastructure for better supervision of taxis. All-in-one machine Taxi surveillance leaks privacy. In fact, there is no need to worry too much about the content of cameras and recordings in taxis. Everyone is concerned about personal privacy. Relevant departments said that there is a strict management system for surveillance content. To watch surveillance videos, multiple procedures are required to To ensure the privacy of passengers, citizens need not worry about this. Taxi installation monitoring has become a trend. On the whole, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. As monitoring installations become more common, their corresponding management systems should become stricter, creating a more harmonious environment for taxi operations.
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