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Domestic vehicle video surveillance application status

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-14
At present, domestic vehicle video surveillance applications are mainly concentrated on buses, taxis, school buses, buses, police law enforcement, patrol cars, tank trucks, dangerous goods vehicles, etc. Among them, the application of in-vehicle monitoring in buses and buses has grown significantly. ?Car video surveillance The Ministry of Communications stipulates that since August 1, 2011, newly-built 'two passengers and one dangerous' vehicles shall be installed with satellites that comply with the 'Technical Requirements for Vehicle Terminals of Satellite Positioning Systems for Road Transport Vehicles' (JT / T794-2011) before the vehicles leave the factory. Positioning means. The traditional car monitoring system is the protagonist of analog monitoring. Since last year, some manufacturers who have the courage to develop have gradually piloted new high-definition solutions to solve the situation of poor overall monitoring effect in the car monitoring industry. In some domestic exhibitions, the better image effect of high-definition car monitoring has also aroused the visitors' praise, subverting the problem that the original car monitoring system can only be seen, but not clearly. The monitoring method of vehicle-mounted NVR high-definition IPC realizes the transcendence of traditional analog monitoring. ?Bus video surveillance In addition, the large-scale implementation of the 'transit priority' policy by government departments has also brought opportunities and promoted the implementation of public transport vehicle monitoring. The full coverage of on-board monitoring of buses not only improves the industry's regulatory capabilities, but also can better restrict the driving behavior of drivers through in-vehicle video monitoring, and promote more standardized driver operations to improve the quality of public industry services. In addition, the in-vehicle surveillance video can clearly record the actual situation in the bus compartment, prevent theft and other security accidents, and protect the people's property from loss.
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