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Engineering vehicle monitoring management solution

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-25
In recent years, road passenger transportation, hazardous chemicals transportation, and vehicles specifically serving engineering construction have caused frequent traffic accidents. Vehicles dedicated to engineering construction should install and use driving recorders and vehicle-mounted satellite positioning terminals that meet national standards. 'Road passenger vehicles, hazardous chemical transportation vehicles, and vehicles that specifically serve engineering construction should also be installed and used in accordance with national 'Standard steering visual system' and other regulations. It is not an overnight task to manage safety accidents of construction vehicles. ????Using the successful application of wireless communication technology in ITS (Intelligent Transportation System), combined with advanced information network technology, data communication technology (GPRS \ CDMA \ 3G), and artificial intelligence technology, etc. Under the guidance of comprehensive integration ideas, a cross-region, real-time accurate, safe and efficient engineering vehicle comprehensive management and service system was established. GPRS engineering vehicle intelligent dispatch management system is composed of monitoring center software and vehicle-mounted terminal. The monitoring center software is composed of vehicle dispatch monitoring system, call center service management system, database, and communication service system. The vehicle-mounted terminal is composed of a GPS vehicle-mounted platform, a handle, a dispatching display screen, a microphone, a forward and reverse sensor, and so on. Among them, the vehicle-mounted GPS monitoring terminal is also called a vehicle machine, a GPS terminal, and a GPS monitoring terminal. It is responsible for receiving and sending GPS positioning information, status information, and control information. The communication network is a carrier for information exchange between the vehicle and the dispatch monitoring center, generally referred to as GSM. / GPRS / CDMA base station and Internet, dispatch monitoring center is the communication core of the entire information system, responsible for information exchange with vehicle GPS monitoring terminal, classification, recording and forwarding of various contents and control information. Engineering solution The system will have vehicle positioning, historical track upload and track playback, information scheduling (optional scheduling screen), alarm, voice broadcast, fuel consumption statistical analysis functions, image monitoring, voice monitoring, cross-border alarm, black box-vehicle driving recorder, vehicle 12 functions such as telephone, remote control, oil and power cutoff. Therefore, in addition to stepping up efforts to rectify construction vehicles, storm operations against electric vehicles are also imminent.
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