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Engineering vehicle vehicle monitoring system

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-02
With the development of GPRS/3G wireless network technology and digital video compression technology, the transmission of video and audio on the wireless network has become a trend. To this end, this system solution was designed. This system has functions and characteristics that are unmatched by other wireless monitoring systems. It can ensure the normal communication of data and audio and video during the vehicle movement process, fully meet the strict requirements of mobile communication, and is a typical representative of a fully digital, intelligent, networked and systematic wireless monitoring system. Its main role is to be able to transmit text data, audio, and video in real time between the scene and the command center to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the command. Engineering vehicle monitoring system Engineering vehicle monitoring system is a new type of system that uses GPRS/3G technology for wireless network transmission of video data. It adopts advanced video compression algorithm H.264, streaming media video data compression technology and wireless transmission network solution, and integrates GPRS/3G data. Communication functions and digital video encoding functions have become integrated and convenient products. The camera image is compressed by the video compression coding module and transmitted to the GPRS/3G network through the intelligent wireless communication terminal to realize the functions of video data interaction, sending/receiving, encryption and decryption, encryption and decoding, link control and maintenance. According to the actual application, the real-time dynamic image and other data information of the vehicle terminal are transmitted to the server center, and the user can obtain the image information from the system control terminal only through the Internet. system design This program design focuses on solving the needs of industrial production safety and scheduling in working conditions, real-time tracking, judgment and display of the location and working status of mobile devices, monitoring and scheduling, and timely and accurate grasp of the production and operation of equipment to achieve optimal management of the production process , The purpose of increasing output, improving management level, and saving energy and increasing efficiency. System functions The engineering vehicle monitoring system is based on the GPRS/3G wireless data service network, which can realize wireless remote monitoring, GPS map positioning, vehicle historical driving track playback, voice intercom, vehicle scheduling, remote video storage, remote download video, vehicle area management, equipment remote Upgrade and other functions, including three parts: central management system, central forwarding server and remote monitoring client. The system has a simple and clear structure, good scalability, and can adapt to changing monitoring requirements. Mining engineering machinery vehicles are prone to incidents such as loss or damage of cargo along the way, and illegal operation of drivers. Although many vehicles are equipped with GPS positioning systems, which can realize vehicle navigation and dispatch functions, they cannot record the entire process. The real cause cannot be found in the event of a security accident. By installing an on-board monitoring system on construction machinery vehicles, the current state of the vehicle can be monitored in real time. Compared with the currently widely used GPS system, the on-board monitoring system can not only track and record the geographic location of the vehicle, but also monitor and record the entire process of cargo transportation and loading and unloading to prevent the loss of the cargo and can also be used as a cargo damage Evidence of separation of responsibilities. With the help of GPRS/3G wireless monitoring system, managers and customers can understand the geographic location and working status of the vehicle in real time through a computer or mobile phone, which greatly enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise.
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