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Experts teach you how to identify car dvr

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-18
The biggest difference between an ordinary DVR and an on-board DVR is the voltage and seismic capability. Due to the vibration of the vehicle during driving and the unstable power supply capacity of the battery, the shock resistance of the vehicle-mounted DVR and the adaptability of the power supply are obviously stronger than the ordinary DVR. Therefore, everyone's focus on vehicle-mounted DVR equipment should obviously be more focused on seismic resistance and power supply. ????Requirements for earthquake resistance ????First, let's talk about earthquake resistance. It was mentioned in the previous article. If the vibration of the DVR body is too strong, it may cause the hard disk head to be misaligned or even damaged. Therefore, the solution to the DVR vibration problem is actually to strengthen the protection of the hard disk. Since the current hard disks are basically mechanical rotary hard disks, and the surface of the magnetic head and the storage disk are only a few micrometers, a slight vibration will cause the two to contact. Friends who are familiar with computers know that the speed of electrical products is basically more than 5,000 times per minute. If the magnetic head contacts the disk at this extremely high speed, the scrap of the magnetic head is just a blink of an eye. Therefore, perfect anti-vibration measures are essential to ensure the life of the machine. At present, many equipments adopt suspension suspension design. Compared with passive protection technologies such as springs and rubber pads, avoiding contact with it from the source has undoubtedly a better effect. ????Power balance requirements ????After talking about shock absorption, let's take a look at the current control of the car DVR. For the circuit protection of the car DVR, the first thing to do is to refine the dynamic voltage and current. Stable voltage plays a vital role in the normal operation of the equipment. In theory, under the condition of constant power, the balance of voltage and current can ensure that the power is not affected. However, since the transmission of vehicle current is basically changing, the voltage is also in an unstable state. This requires the machine to introduce a strong anti-electromagnetic interference design, at least able to withstand the impact of more than 100 times per hour, only in this way, can be more comfortable with the constantly changing voltage, so as to ensure the health of the machine. ????Error correction design of the system ????After talking about the above two car DVR features that need attention, there is also a common problem faced by most it products that everyone should not ignore. That is the error correction design of the system. For the embedded operating system, if you want to achieve perfect error correction function, it is undoubtedly just a good idea. Although the biggest advantage of embedded is that it can make the operation of the system more stable and efficient, it also puts forward higher requirements for the design of the system. So as far as the current conditions are concerned, the hard disk error correction of the embedded system is only mainly the control of reading and writing capabilities. For consumers, buying from a regular and well-established manufacturer or sales channel may add more quality assurance. As for the maintenance of system stability, as a general consumer, I am afraid that our grasp of the equipment is only limited to this. ????The above-mentioned aspects are basically the obvious differences between the vehicle-mounted DVR and the ordinary DVR, so they are also the aspects that need the most attention in technology. However, objectively speaking, due to the current technical characteristics of vehicle monitoring, there is still a certain distance from the civilian demand. Therefore, grasping what you need and matching the safety plan of the vehicle in a targeted manner may be the most qualified product.
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