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Explain the application of security in various industries in detail

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-26
The integration of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things has brought new business models to the security industry. In this process of change, it is no longer the upgrade change from analog to digital and standard definition to high definition experienced by the original security industry, but the fuzzy and extension expansion of the industrial boundary: in addition to serving the public safety field, security products also have huge markets in transportation, retail, finance, medical and other industries. The application of security in various industries urban transportation, with the rapid development of computer technology, communication technology and information technology, the scope covered by security monitoring is getting wider and wider, and IT permeates and expands with many new technology-intensive fields such as IT and ITS. Traffic monitoring is an important part of intelligent traffic information collection system. Traffic monitoring is very important for strengthening safety prevention and traffic management. At present, video monitoring systems for major urban roads and intersections and video monitoring systems for expressways between cities are relatively mature. Among them, the urban road monitoring system includes a city security bayonet system that assists the public security organs in detecting cases and preventing the vehicles and personnel involved from fleeing; Electronic police systems used to capture illegal vehicles. The core of these systems lies in intelligent visual analysis technology. As the market potential of smart transportation in our country is continuously explored, the demand for security products and equipment for smart transportation will continue to increase with the continuous development of smart transportation. Medical care, the medical industry is related to people's livelihood, and has always been highly valued. Many of them are closely related to security. At present, many hospitals carry out high-definition monitoring on key areas such as hospital halls, registration offices, charging offices and other places, which greatly reduces costs and improves the detection rate while meeting actual use requirements, video Management can also be used to combat medical care and reduce malicious repeated queuing registration. The video system terminal can also automatically perform intelligent analysis based on the photos returned by the surveillance camera. For example, intelligent video analysis is used to calculate the waiting time in different time periods or to count the queue length in different time periods, providing the basis for the optimization of hospital processes; In the entrance and exit of the hospital, the number of people in each building and area is set up for various analysis and management such as regional flow control. In addition, geological disasters have occurred frequently in recent years. Under the condition of limited local medical personnel, telemedicine system, as an important field of security video monitoring application, can play a great role at this time. The new generation of information technologies such as education, Internet of Things, mobile communications, and big data provide technical conditions for smart education. In this process, based on their own experience in video visualization technology, big data, cloud computing and other fields, it can realize the comprehensive collection, storage and analysis of various educational management and teaching process data, and can be visually presented through visualization technology. On this basis, security enterprises also use image analysis technology and intelligent identification technology to comprehensively consider the individual characteristics of each teacher and student, and reasonably and uniformly plan and manage the comprehensive assessment. At present, many enterprises have launched smart education solutions to expand the application of video technology in the field of education and promote the development of smart education. Logistics, new technology and traditional logistics have become intelligent logistics. Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, big data and other high and new technologies are increasingly widely used in the logistics industry, promoting the industrial transformation of intelligent logistics. The research and development of these technologies will become the focus of the security industry in this field. At present, the three links of logistics goods storage, transportation monitoring and intelligent express terminal all have security technology applications: Applying security technology to traditional storage can display and monitor the situation of goods entering and leaving in real time, improve the accuracy of delivery, complete the tasks of receiving and warehousing, inventory transfer, picking and delivery, Data Query, backup, statistics, report production and report management of the whole system, etc; During the transportation, the real-time monitoring of the trucks and goods transported by the logistics vehicle management system can complete the real-time, positioning and tracking of the vehicles and goods, and monitor the status and temperature and humidity of the goods, improve the transportation efficiency, reduce the transportation cost, reduce the loss of goods, and clearly understand the situation in the transportation process; The intelligent express cabinet can identify, store, monitor and manage objects, which is convenient for users to inquire about express delivery, deploy express delivery and maintain express terminal. The application of financial industry security in the financial industry has moved from the early simulation era to the current IP era. The continuous improvement of intelligent technology has made active application and pre-event early warning possible, intelligent applications such as face recognition, abnormal behavior analysis, number of people counting, and audio detection move ex post verification forward to pre-warning, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of various incidents, video enrichment and video summary retrieval can comprehensively improve the efficiency and quality of post-processing. In addition, in the application of big data, cloud storage and cloud computing are also providing a strong guarantee for the construction of a new generation of data centers and computing centers. Electric power inspection, due to the characteristics of high risk and safety risks in electric power workplaces, the access of inspection robots, intelligent inspection systems for unmanned helicopters on transmission lines and mobile video equipment such as vehicles and individual soldiers, it can replace manual 'duty' to meet the security requirements of monitoring and inspecting the inside and outside of the substation anytime and anywhere. Especially in electric power tunnels with water accumulation, Dark Light, insufficient ventilation and even poisonous and harmful gases, inspection robots will play an important application value and can replace personnel for routine inspection, ensure the normal operation of the equipment in the power tunnel and prevent illegal activities such as stealing and privately pulling wires. In addition, the robot gives full play to the skills of 'feeling, seeing and smelling' through intelligent technology. For example, the infrared thermal imager can accurately sense the temperature of power equipment, and can sense and smell the temperature and humidity, smoke, specific gas concentration, etc. in the air through various sensors, and can see the meter reading through the visible light camera to monitor the scene in the tunnel, and, when suspicious situations are found, they will be automatically judged and reported to the police, and even can call the fire extinguishing robot to extinguish the fire. Under the development trend of 'big security', according to the demand, large networking monitoring platforms, high-definition cameras, intelligent video analysis, robots and other products with advanced AI, Internet of Things, big data and other technologies as the core of security enterprises will have great room for application. There is no doubt that the security system based on monitoring will penetrate into other industries in the future. At the same time, the identity of the security surveillance camera has been continuously improved in terms of technology, technology and functions, and has also changed from a simple defense product to an intelligent interactive node online and offline.
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