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Explanation of the working principle flow of the

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-28
?The license plate recognition system can automatically identify the characteristics of the entered vehicle and license plate number, verify the legal identity of the user, automatically compare the blacklist database, automatically alarm, and monitor and manage the entire parking lot situation, including entrance and exit management, internal management, and collection , Store data and system working status, so that administrators can monitor, maintain, statistics, query and print reports. Vehicles entering and exiting the community are completely under system monitoring, so that the access, charging, anti-theft, and parking space management of the community are completely intelligent, automated, and convenient, fast, safe, and reliable. Working process of license plate recognition system: 1. Identification process: Automatic license plate recognition is a pattern recognition technology that automatically recognizes license plate numbers and license plate colors using dynamic video or still images of vehicles. The hardware foundation generally includes trigger equipment, camera equipment, lighting equipment, image acquisition equipment, and processor to recognize license plate numbers. Its software core includes license plate positioning algorithm, license plate character segmentation algorithm, and optical character recognition algorithm. Some license plate recognition systems also have the function of judging whether there is a car through video images, which is called video vehicle detection. A complete license plate recognition system should include vehicle detection, image acquisition, and license plate recognition. When the vehicle detection section detects the arrival of the vehicle, the image acquisition unit is triggered to collect the current video image. The license plate recognition unit processes the image, locates the position of the license plate, divides the characters in the license plate for recognition, and then forms the license plate number for output. ? 2, vehicle detection: Vehicle detection can use buried coil detection, infrared detection, radar detection technology, video detection and other methods. Using video detection can avoid road surface damage, no additional external detection equipment, no need to correct the trigger position, save costs, and is more suitable for mobile and portable applications. The system for video vehicle detection needs to have high processing speed and use excellent algorithms to achieve image acquisition and processing without basically losing frames. If the processing speed is slow, it will cause frame loss, making the system unable to detect vehicles traveling at a high speed, and it is difficult to ensure that the recognition process is started at a position that is favorable for recognition, which affects the system recognition rate. Therefore, it is technically difficult to combine video vehicle detection with automatic license plate recognition. ? 3. Number identification: In order to perform license plate recognition, the following basic steps are required: A. License plate positioning, positioning license plate position in the picture; B. Separating the characters of the license plate to separate the characters in the license plate; C. Recognition of license plate characters. Recognize the divided characters. Zui finally forms the license plate number.
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