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Functions and features of panoramic HD video recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-31
The feature of panoramic HD video recorder is that it can record and record the video of multiple cameras and the matching audio of each camera into a video file at the same time. It not only displays multi-screen live scenes during live broadcast, especially the recorded audio. The video file is also a complete multi-screen audio and video file. The advantage of the video file recorded by the panoramic HD recorder is that it can fully display the live video and audio collected by multiple cameras in different positions in one video file. It is a multi-screen combined audio and video recorder. ???????? ????In terms of video input interface and recording, panoramic HD video recorder supports digital HD signal input and recording, which is a true digital HD video recorder. At present, there are two sets of input interfaces for panoramic HD video recorder models, with a total of 7 input interfaces. One group has 4 input interfaces, which are four-in-one interfaces, which can realize panoramic composite recording. They are 2 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 1 VGA interfaces, the input resolution supports 1080P60hz, and the video resolution after recording is 1080P30 25hz. The other group has 3 input interfaces and does not support composite recording. After recording, it is a separate file. These three input interfaces are different depending on the model, either 3 HDMI or 3 SDI interfaces, and support simultaneous input or optional input recording. ?????? ?????In terms of audio input and recording, panoramic HD video recorder, 2 HDMI input interfaces, not only supports HDMI with audio input recording, but also supports analog audio input recording when HDMI does not contain audio. DVI and VGA only have video without audio, and this panoramic HD video recorder also has analog audio input interfaces for DVI and VGA input interfaces respectively. The other three video input interfaces recorded as independent files also each have analog audio input interfaces. The machine not only supports separate input audio recording, but also supports mixed audio input recording, and can flexibly select the sound to be recorded according to needs. The way to select audio is to select the audio buttons on the front panel. ?????The four-in-one input interface of the panoramic HD video recorder is a 4-screen arrangement display with 2 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 1 VGA interface. It is also scientific and user-friendly. It can be customized according to the live recording and display needs. Currently, there are 5 display screen options, including 4 screens of genuine arrangement, 1 screen of 3 screens, 4 screens of left and right, 2 screens of left and right display, 2 screens of top and bottom, and 1 screen of full screen display. You can also flexibly set which input screen you want to display in which window. The setting method is simple and convenient, just operate the joystick button on the front panel. ??? ?????????????? ?????The panoramic HD video recorder has 7 video input interfaces. The factory default is four genuine windows. One of the windows in the upper left corner is a four-in-one combination of four display screens. The four-in-one window can be enlarged to a full-screen interface with one click. The other 3 windows can also be enlarged with one click. The display mode is set before the shutdown, and the display before the shutdown is the mode before the shutdown. ????? ??????? ?????Because the panoramic HD video recorder can freely set the display screen and audio matching, it can support multi-channel multi-screen simultaneous recording of multi-screen combined recording or single-screen independent recording. It is both a multi-input video recorder and a single-channel VCR. ?????Panoramic high-definition video recorder, supports 2 built-in 3.5-inch hard disks of 3TB each, not only supports local real-time live broadcast, network remote live broadcast, but also supports USB copy to mobile hard disk. You can record while watching and recording while watching. Supports automatic recording at startup, scheduled recording, and motion detection recording. ?????Panorama HD video recorder has rich network functions. Real-time live broadcast and on-demand live video recording on remote computers, mobile phones, and tablets via LAN or the Internet, support for remote voice intercom, support for remote computer data download, simultaneous recording on remote computers, and use the remote computer to set basic system parameters for the recorder And so on. ????Panoramic HD video recorder product specifications. The camera is designed and manufactured in a standard 2U chassis. The front panel is made of 8MM aluminum alloy. The chassis is made of pure galvanized steel. The body is black and black. The machine is dignified and elegant. There are 2.5CM fixed handles on the left and right of the front panel of the host. The length * width * height of the host is 43 * 37 * 9CM, and the net weight is kg (excluding hard disk).
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