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Global shipments of car cameras in 2019 are approximately

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-13
Recently, the CES exhibition has attracted the attention of many people in the industry and abroad, and the first prototype of the smart vehicle product 'VISION-S' released by Sony for the first time has undoubtedly become a major focus of widespread concern. The author found that after Sony announced the prototype, some insiders quickly reposted this information on social platforms. In fact, for the market of car cameras, domestic camera manufacturers have already been in layout for a long time. An industry insider said that the rear-loading of the rear-mounted vehicle camera may be increased, and the front-loading still takes time, and now the car-grade cameras are concentrated in 2M and 5M. 250 million global car camera shipments in 2019 In addition to the field of mobile phone cameras, car cameras have also become an important battlefield for camera manufacturers. According to public information, vehicle cameras mainly include internal view cameras, rear view cameras, front view cameras, side view cameras, surround view cameras, and so on. At present, on-vehicle cameras are basically standard on mid-to-high-end models, and they are mainly used in ADAS such as 360 panoramic images, forward and backward collision warning, lane departure warning, and pedestrian detection. In recent years, with the intelligent development of car driving, the application of cameras in the vehicle field has also increased. According to the data from the Rising Sun Big Data, the global shipments of car cameras in 2019 will be about 250 million, and it is estimated that it will reach 320 million in 2020 and 400 million in 2021. In fact, for the automotive camera market, Sunny Optical has also stated in its 2019 semi-annual report that with the intelligent development of automobile driving, consumers are improving the driving safety and the continuous maturity of ADAS technology. Demand remains strong. It is understood that governments around the world are increasingly agreeing that smart driving technology can improve traffic safety, and that it encourages installation and mandatory requirements to improve the penetration rate of smart driving, especially in the area of ??active safety. For example, the U.S. Highway Safety Administration recommends that ADAS be mandatory for new cars in the United States by 2022, and EU member states have reached a consensus to sign autonomous driving guidance documents and incorporate the exemption procedures for autonomous vehicles into new regulations; It said: I hope to promote the application of autonomous driving technology through various measures, and aim to achieve third-level autonomous driving on the highway around 2020; to achieve unmanned mobile services in specific areas by the end of 2020; The new passenger car has a load factor of over 90%. In China, the government has also stated that it will accelerate research and formulation and promulgation of relevant laws and regulations in the field of autonomous driving. Driven by policies, Internet cross-border competition, and consumer demand, the penetration rate of ADAS has increased rapidly. In addition, with the gradual deepening of the development of the driverless car market, related products such as lidar, smart headlights, and night vision cameras The application needs will continue to be released. ADAS is the main force of future vehicles In the future, with the needs of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), if smart cars need to implement functions such as automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise, fatigue detection, lane departure assistance, 360-degree surround view, etc., 6-8 cameras are required on the vehicle. . Maybe more than expected. A few days ago, Sony unveiled the first prototype of the smart car product VISION-S for the first time at the CES show. According to Sony officials, this concept car combines Sony's imaging and sensing, AI, communications and cloud technologies. Vision-S has multiple wide-screen displays. The internal instrument panel to the center console is a large vertical display. 33 sensors including CMOS and ToF are embedded inside and outside the vehicle body, which can provide drivers with panoramic images, 360 Reality Audio sound field technology, full-time connection and other functions, and strive to provide consumers with new and comfortable mobile travel solutions. . It is reported that Vision-S was created by Sony in cooperation with many partners including NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Bosch, ZF, Bosch, BlackBerry, QNX, and Horse. At the same time, the concept car is also equipped with a 'newly designed electric vehicle platform' based on the design of automotive supplier Magna. Kenichi Yoshida, President and CEO of Sony Corporation, said: 'It is no exaggeration to say that smartphones have become the mega trend of the past decade, and I believe that the next mega trend will be mobile travel.' He concluded by stressing: In addition to society's contribution, Sony will continue to move forward as a creative entertainment company with a solid technological foundation. ' In its announcement, Weir shares also stated that the ADAS vision system uses a camera to collect image information and analyze the road environment in the image through an algorithm. Therefore, the camera and its camera chip are the core components of ADAS. At the rate of listing, car cameras will become one of the main markets for camera chips in the future. According to YOLE forecast, the automotive CMOS image sensor market will reach about 8 billion US dollars by 2022, and the automotive market will also become the second largest CMOS sensor application field after mobile phones.
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