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How about the driving recorder sent by the 4S store?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-01-01
The driving recorder has become a necessary vehicle-mounted equipment for today's travel. It is mainly used to record the daily driving process. The recorded video can provide evidence for the accident, and can also avoid the occurrence of the porcelain event and make the driving more secure. Many cars will be installed. Many times, after buying a car in a 4S store, a driving recorder will be sent. As a discount, it is also a marketing method. Often many people will feel that the goods sent are not good, then how about the driving recorder sent by the 4S store? The functions of the driving recorder are more and more, and it is also very useful, but for the driving recorder sent by the 4S store, or the driving recorder that you spend money to buy, the price difference will be relatively large. In fact, the 4S shop to send the car recorder is relatively cheap, the price is generally around 200 yuan, the quality is also very general, and the function is also relatively small. In fact, it is recommended that you buy a genuine high-quality driving recorder. The most important thing about the driving recorder is the resolution of the camera. If you choose a high resolution, the pixels are better, the picture quality is higher, and the recorded video picture is clearer; More recommended wide-angle lens, wider field of vision, more comprehensive shooting; In addition, the function is not required, so that it is practical. Can't covet cheap, try to choose the most cost-effective, big-name products are more secure.
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