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How big is the difference between car NVR and car DVR?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-22
Nowadays, with the increasing application of network surveillance cameras, the composition of surveillance systems has also undergone innovations as our video quality has improved. Take the back-end storage system. In the era of analog monitoring, a small car DVR device is enough to meet our needs. However, when the era of network monitoring comes. I am afraid that the vehicle-mounted DVR is a kind of more powerless. Therefore, with the urgent expectation of the monitoring demand, the upper position of the vehicle-mounted NVR is naturally a matter of course. Car DVR From the appearance point of view, the difference between a car DVR and a car NVR is not much. The difference is that an independent universal port is used for video input and output and network connection. In the former application simulation system, it is in an embarrassing place of semi-analog and semi-digital, while the vehicle-mounted NVR has realized a fully digital application and directly stores digital images. Two different monitoring storage devices represent two different monitoring modes. The momentum of analog monitoring is not diminishing, and the network monitoring market is booming. Careful analysis of these two hard disk recorders, there are many differences in actual application, and treatment is also different. In terms of price, is the status of car DVR and car NVR accurate? According to the overall cost of analog monitoring compared to network monitoring, the price of car DVRs is actually closer to the people. The cheapest digital hard disk recorder on the market is only 300 yuan. The price of brand and non-brand is almost the same. The price of a brand car NVR that meets basic functions should also be around a thousand yuan. It seems that for popularizing civilian security, car DVR is more favored. The characteristics of vehicle-mounted DVR system: the collection and storage of video and audio signals are mainly in digital form, with high quality; the system functions are more powerful and perfect; the data can be exchanged with the information system; the flexibility of application is better. However, due to the limitations of its own technical architecture, digital hard disk recorders have always been unable to solve the problems of long delay, multiple simultaneous monitoring, and highly integrated centralized monitoring in the network remote monitoring environment. In the video surveillance system, the vehicle-mounted NVR is an ideal upgrade product for analog video recorders and hard disk video recorders. It is a stand-alone independent operating device that is implemented on the basis of the original vehicle-mounted DVR and eliminates the need for Windows operating systems and computers. Because the vehicle-mounted NVR adopts highly integrated chip technology, it has advanced digital video recording, storage and playback functions. Resolution), high-quality real-time monitoring, and easy to use.
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