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How far can taxis install on-board monitoring?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-20
The Guangzhou Municipal Transportation Commission has recently announced the draft of the 'Guangzhou Passenger Taxi Vehicle Technical Management Regulations' consultation draft. Among them, the requirement that taxis must install audio-visual monitoring equipment has caused heated discussion in the society. The draft for solicitation suggested that taxis in Guangzhou must be equipped with no less than one set of recording equipment and three-way video recording equipment. The scope of video recording should cover at least the front and rear seats, the front passenger side windows and the luggage compartment area. Many people worry that this move will violate the privacy of passengers and drivers. Coincidentally, Shanghai Taxi has also tried to install vehicle monitoring for the first time recently, and many citizens are worried that taxi monitoring equipment will violate personal privacy. Both the actions of Shanghai and the opinions of Guangzhou sparked heated discussion in society. In connection with the previous explorations of individual cities in this area, some have been smooth sailing, and most have stumbled and haven't come to an end. It makes people feel that installing monitoring equipment in a taxi is not an easy task. Take Guangzhou as an example. In 2014, it tried to install a camera on a taxi once, which caused an uproar and finally ended up in a sad ending of 'quietly installing and quietly dismantling'. Now that Guangzhou is revisiting the old matter, whether it is possible to monitor taxis as expected may be very variable. For the first time, Shanghai Taxi tried to install on-board monitoring. How far can it go? It is also worth asking a big question. In fact, the benefits of installing monitoring equipment in a taxi are obvious. One can effectively monitor the taxi service, force the driver to improve the quality of the service, avoid violations such as refusal to load, bypass, poor service attitude, and even vicious incidents such as sexual assault on passengers, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of passengers; two can achieve rental The situation in the car is well documented to avoid disputes such as lost property and protect the rights of drivers. Passengers can also use monitoring equipment to increase the probability of recovering lost property. Three can deter crime and improve the safety of passengers or drivers. However, why is the monitoring of taxi installations repeatedly resisted and it is difficult to reach consensus, and it is difficult to get around in many cities? As reported in many places on this, many people worry that surveillance equipment will violate the privacy of passengers and drivers. Especially female passengers feel that the taxi space is narrow, and the installed surveillance cameras are closer to people. If they wear less in summer, they will be easily photographed in private parts; if there is a dispute with the driver or taxi company, these recordings and video data are easy to be Leaked and posted online. It ’s no wonder that this kind of worry is that living in a monitored society, and the privacy leakage caused by illegal outflows, indeed make people hurry. However, we have to see that in the taxi, it is not really a private space. Between private areas and private spaces, how much privacy is there? Fear of fear that the surveillance will capture privacy-related parts can also be avoided by adjusting the location of the surveillance installation. The audio and video data can only be viewed when the transportation management, public security management and other departments handle the case, and it is not difficult to achieve it technically. This is also repeatedly emphasized by the relevant departments. Practices in individual places have proved that after the installation of monitoring equipment, there has not been a problem of leakage of passenger privacy in local taxis. I believe that if the security and privacy issues are balanced, taxi monitoring should become a consensus. If security and privacy are more important, security is definitely more important than privacy in many cases. According to a recent survey on 'Should taxis install monitoring' on a survey website, most people 'support' the monitoring of taxi installations (76.08%), 16.61% of surveyors said 'not supported', and only 7.31% of the surveys The author said 'it doesn't matter'. The reason is that it is obviously more important to avoid potential security concerns than to maintain potential privacy.
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