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Installation requirements of car camera

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-07
1. The working temperature of the car camera on the market is between 0-50 degrees, because it is inside the car, the temperature requirements are higher than the requirements of the ordinary monitoring host, the main left and right of the car camera is to monitor the working status of the driver and the cabin crew , And sudden time monitoring, provide good evidence for traffic accidents, and function as a car black box. 2. The cameras on the market generally have two kinds of storage devices, ordinary computer hard disks and sd cards. The sd card is characterized by good shock resistance, but the storage space is only about 8 hours, and the maintenance cost is large. The ordinary hard disk can support 300g , You can record a month. 3. In fact, in addition to the monitoring function, the car camera also has multimedia playback, vehicle speed, license plate number, speed overlay, driver information overlay and gps/gprs and wireless transmission functions. 4. The car camera has certain requirements when it is installed because of its special installation. It needs to be small in size and light in installation. It can not affect the passengers’ riding environment and needs to be easily fixed, which leads to the impact of the monitoring effect and a little earthquake resistance. The most important thing is that there must be an infrared lamp to facilitate monitoring when the light is not good. It is recommended that you use small hemispheres and conch cameras with built-in infrared lights. 5. Because the automotive camera industry has just started, the customer's requirements for this color are not high, and the price of color is relatively expensive, but with the development of technology, color cameras will also become more and more extensive. 6. The installation cost of a bus mainly includes the following: host cost, camera cost, hard disk, wire, installation cost, the price of different host equipment is different, the price of different camera quantity is also different, the price of the host on the market itself is different Is bigger.
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