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Is 360 panorama image necessary

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-02
Recently, a small partner discussed with Eagle the problem of the car, and then asked whether the 360 ??panoramic camera image is necessary? This problem is covered by Eagle Technology. Next, Eagle Technology will briefly introduce it to the friends. It is necessary for drivers with unskilled driving skills, and it is optional for drivers with skilled driving skills. 360 panoramic camera At present, the mid-level cars of luxury brands are basically equipped with 360 panoramic camera imaging systems, and some high-end SUVs are also equipped with this technology. This system displays the images around the body on the central control screen through cameras distributed around the body. The final displayed image is in the form of a 360-degree surround image. The advantage of this system is that it allows you to clearly know whether there are obstacles around the body through the central control screen, which helps the driver to drive more safely. Now, based on this system, a new technology has been derived, such as an automatic parking system. The automatic parking system is a technology that recognizes the parking space through the camera and then enters the parking space by itself. This technology will detect obstacles and identify parking spaces through the cooperation of cameras and ranging radars. A little bit more luxury brands have already implemented automatic driving technology, which is also based on this technology. A little luxury brand SUV is also equipped with this technology, which allows drivers to master the complex road conditions around the car through the camera on light or heavy off-road sections. So you don't have to get off the bus to check when you encounter off-road sections. The safety factor of passing off-road sections is improved, and at the same time it is convenient for the driver to have a more accurate road condition around the body inside the car.
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