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Is the car camera waterproof?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-06
Eagle Mobile Video is a manufacturer of car surveillance cameras. When you buy a car camera, you may wonder if this camera will get into the water if it rains? Now Shenzhen Eagle Mobile Video can show you how our camera is Go waterproof. After the waterproof camera is completed, it must also pass the waterproof test. Eagle Mobile Video car cameras have to pass 6 waterproof tests before they can be shipped. But how can we make a camera that is not afraid of the sun? Because our cameras are all It is installed outside the car, and how to waterproof it must be a topic that everyone is very concerned about. The waterproof camera is filled with waterproof glue, which is the black glue on it. We ship a lot of VGA streaming media and many other cameras are glued and waterproof. After installing the casing, inject waterproof glue directly. After the glue is solidified, it will be integrated with the camera. The Eagle Mobile Video car camera on the market has not yet appeared. Water in the waterproof camera. Shenzhen car camera is a very hot topic. With the progress of the times, I believe everyone knows that you must install a driving recorder before buying a car. However, our camera is used with a driving recorder. It can be tested and stored. You can monitor the porcelain incident. Everyone knows that many such things happened before, but as long as you install a car camera, you can monitor the entire screen. In fact, there are many types of car cameras. Eagle Mobile Video car cameras have car camera navigation and driving recorders, and then they can be divided into in-car and out-car cameras. About how to make Eagle Mobile Video car cameras waterproof, The waterproof glue we use is filled with black glue inside the camera. This waterproof glue has a very good performance. After the glue is dried, no matter how deep you put it in the water, no matter how long it will not enter the water.
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