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Key vehicles without a driving recorder will be

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-05
From August to September 2017, the province organized special inspections of key vehicle driving recorders, severely cracked down on road traffic violations that do not install and use driving recorders in accordance with regulations, and companies with prominent hidden dangers will be exposed to the society. At the same time included in the 'black list' of credit information and insurance. According to reports, key vehicles such as dump trucks, dangerous freight transport vehicles, passenger shuttle buses, tourist chartered vehicles, heavy trucks, school buses, coaches, etc. must be installed with driving recorders. Through the driving recorders, vehicle-mounted satellite positioning systems can be used to monitor vehicles in real time It can promptly detect and correct illegal behaviors such as speeding, intrusion prohibition and fatigue driving of operating drivers, so as to effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of road traffic accidents. Shenzhen traffic police said that they will set up 24-hour duty seats, rely on key vehicle management platforms to monitor dump trucks around the clock, and have developed a three-level response mechanism, that is, vehicles are overdue and unexamined, overdue and not scrapped, and there are more than 5 illegal and unprocessed roads. When driving, the vehicle will be included in the bayonet warning system for citywide investigation until the illegal state of the vehicle is eliminated or detained; if the illegal behavior of the dump truck is found through the on-board satellite positioning data, the key vehicle management platform will automatically alert and automatically extract Evidence elements of traffic violations can be entered into the system for punishment after verification by the police, and off-site investigation and punishment can be achieved; if abnormal data is found through on-board satellite positioning data, but the off-site punishment standards have not been met, the police of the jurisdictional team informs the affiliated company to investigate Understand the situation and urge the enterprise to implement the responsibility of the supervisor.
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