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Marriage of security and public transportation

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-23
With the acceleration of economic and social development and the process of urbanization, the problem of urban traffic congestion is becoming more and more serious, and major cities are promoting the 'transit priority' development strategy. How to ensure the safe operation of public transportation vehicles and to reasonably dispatch limited public transportation vehicle resources is a major problem for public transportation system managers. Bus security In addition, disputes between passengers and operators due to ticketing, service attitudes, etc. have occurred throughout the country. Theft, robbery, and humiliation of women have also occurred from time to time. In addition, bus passengers are prone to theft of passengers and passengers during the operation Withdrawing the ticket money and taking the lead to take the public funds as their own phenomenon will cause losses to the bus company. Promoted by many reasons, bus security monitoring came into being, and transmitted the video on the bus to the bus dispatch center and public security police station to monitor and arm thefts and security incidents, deterring and attacking criminals. However, due to the characteristics of the bus itself, the traditional video surveillance system cannot meet the requirements. With the development of communication technology, the establishment of a security system that fully meets the needs of the bus industry has become a reality, and with the development of domestic 3G / 4G technology, it has become possible for smart dispatch management personnel to view mobile vehicle video images in real time. The video monitoring system is installed on the bus, and the management personnel of the command and dispatch center can keep abreast of the situation of the personnel and the operation of the vehicle at any time, and timely dispatch the vehicle. The marriage of security products and public transportation has launched a sweet journey for the general public to ensure safety. Bus monitoring First, the application of security in the bus system At present, the vehicle monitoring system generally appears in the bus. The entire system is divided into a front-end vehicle monitoring system, a communication line, and a front-end vehicle monitoring system of the monitoring platform. It also includes a vehicle-mounted hard disk recorder, a surveillance camera, a monitoring head, an alarm button, and an alarm flashing light. , LCD display, intercom headset, GPS and other communication lines include front-end mobile transmission (EDGE / CDMA1X) and the background command center Ethernet network monitoring platform includes monitoring software and a series of service groups such as GIS, streaming media, database, application server, etc. Multi-polar monitoring platforms can be built in public transport branches, municipal public security bureaus, police stations and other units as needed. The logical relationship of levels can be flexibly configured according to the needs, and the system has good scalability. Bus monitoring Second, the development of security in the bus system Public transportation companies spontaneously install security products on buses for reasons such as improving public security environment and increasing revenue, and set up management platforms at all levels at headquarters and stations to meet the needs of safe production and income generation. Therefore, a second bus security application mode was born: bus companies made security investments in their own buses, stations, management centers, etc., and the security companies provided them with equipment and established information management center platforms, as well as the entire system. Routine maintenance. It is understood that the spontaneous application of security by bus companies not only eliminates various crimes and crimes, but also promotes more passengers to choose to use monitored vehicles through media publicity and bus monitoring products, and also suppresses ticket evasion and leakage. Incidents such as tickets and theft of tickets by passengers and passengers have won trust and benefits for bus companies. As an important part of urban public transportation, the public security system is the top priority of urban security construction. The state vigorously supports the development of public transportation, which is not only for the development of people's livelihood, but also the construction of public transportation is conducive to the development of a series of enterprises such as bus manufacturers, supporting manufacturers, infrastructure and even intelligent transportation in the future. As an indispensable part of public transportation, security will surely usher in new development opportunities as the country vigorously supports the development of public transportation.
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