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Mobile 4G helps create a car video surveillance model

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-16
With the rapid development of high-definition, intelligence and 4G network technology, vehicle monitoring systems have become an important part of intelligent transportation. With the rapid increase in public travel demand, how to provide a safer and more convenient transportation vehicle environment Concerned by more and more people. Driven by the rapid development of intelligent transportation, vehicle-mounted monitoring systems will be widely popularized and have greater application prospects. Mobile 4G Taizhou Mobile is currently cooperating with the Jiangyan District Public Transport Company on the 'vehicle video' project to build a sophisticated vehicle video surveillance management system through the mobile 4G network to further assist Jiangyan public transportation operations. 'Bus is installed with 4G wireless monitoring, and with the positioning function, the position and speed of the bus can be visually monitored in the monitoring center. Once the driver overspeeds, stops on non-platforms, and runs on non-operating lines, the system can be read. The record greatly improves the management efficiency, 'Qian Yan, Chief of the Maintenance Department of Jiangyan Bus Company, praised,' At the same time, the on-board video surveillance has also greatly reduced the work pressure of the personnel of our monitoring center, and can also accurately detect the signs of illegal and criminal activities in time Provide factual basis for investigation and evidence collection, dispute resolution and public security incidents, and effectively protect passengers' rights from infringement. ' Car video surveillance management system It is understood that the project has realized the information transformation of 251 buses in the entire Jiangyan district, replaced the original analog, low-resolution cameras with high-definition network cameras, and used 4G wireless transmission technology to transmit monitoring information to real-time Monitoring and management platform. At the same time, each bus is equipped with hard disk video recorders, in-vehicle network cameras, reversing cameras and other equipment to monitor the situation inside and outside the bus in multiple angles. In the next step, Taizhou Mobile plans to include bus platforms and handheld bus apps into the monitoring platform, so that passengers can obtain vehicle information through the client at any time, and plan travel routes reasonably.
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