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Multi-faceted measurement standards for car DVR

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-19

In order to ensure the normal operation of the car DVR, the output power of the power supply board must first be stable. In a fixed narrow voltage environment, because the input voltage and current are basically stable, and in terms of electricity, the output power determines the input power. 

Therefore, only one adapter is required for the power of the ordinary hard disk video recorder. An adapter is nothing more than a transformer. A filtering circuit is a bit conscientious and a protection circuit is added. Unconscientious protection circuits are not installed. It is cheap, so the cost of ordinary hard disk recorders and maintenance costs are relatively low. 

But for a car hard disk video recorder, the first thing to do is narrow and refine the dynamic voltage and current. How to ensure the normal operation of the car DVR, stable voltage and current are important, but on the other hand, the input power of the device is fixed. From w = u * i, we know that when the voltage changes, the current also changes, and the voltage follows The direction of current change is always the opposite. So if the starting voltage is made lower, the relative starting current will increase. It is so simple on the macro level, but it can take a lot of work to achieve this function stably and ensure the normal operation of the device.

 The first is the design of the protection circuit. You must know that the power supply board of the car hard disk video recorder needs within 1 hour. After hundreds of shocks, the protection circuit does not work well. In some cases, the power supply board is damaged. In other cases, the power supply board is directly damaged. In terms of anti-seismic ability, ordinary hard disk video recorders are not strict in terms of anti-seismic capacity due to the fixed location environment, while the anti-seismic design of on-board hard disk video recorders is very important. 

The low-frequency vibration is the main part of the car. Vibration is the main problem. Poor anti-vibration treatment will cause problems such as vehicle dvr crashes, restarts, hard disks not working, and lost video segments. The car dvr anti-shock design is plain how to protect the hard disk. Since the current hard disks are mechanical hinge hard disks, the distance between the read head and the disk surface is only a few micrometers. If you look at it with the naked eye, the read head is attached to the disk surface, but even if you do not understand the hard disk, you should understand, 5400 The rotating hard disk must rotate at least 90 times per second. If the read / write head is attached to it, it won't be long before the read / write head is worn out. At such a short distance, if the earthquake resistance is not good, as long as the read and write head has a little vibration, the hard disk is bad, and the read head crashes in hard (hard disk term). It should be said that the above two points are two factors that we must consider when choosing a car dvr. 

Of course, the performance of a car hard disk video recorder is important, but in terms of function selection, we must not ignore it. What functions must a car DVR have? The video should be clear: the video data should be less than hd1 (720 * 288) resolution. If the video is not clear, there is no significance in monitoring. A power-saving function is required: When the vehicle is stopped, if the on-board hard disk video recorder runs for a long time, it will cause a certain amount of wear on the car battery, which may cause the vehicle to fail to start due to power loss. This reduces the battery life and increases the cost of the car. Maybe some engineering companies will talk about solving the problem by connecting the power supply to the switch, but by doing so, the driver can control the switch of the device and cannot perform comprehensive monitoring. 

In addition, the power failure of the device during operation will cause great damage to the hard disk and reduce the use of the hard disk. Life, increased costs. Need to have automatic video recording function: We all know that it is a waste of work to let the customer press the video button, but the customer often forgets this critical one when actually using it, and then tells you that the device has no video data, the customer is God, so the labor cost, time Costs are increasing, making products more user-friendly, which is also an important point for R & D companies to consider when designing products. Need anti-crash function: the vehicle environment is complex, and various accidents may occur, to ensure that the equipment can automatically recover after an accident, which is also an important condition for product selection. It is necessary to consider the security of data storage and the convenience of browsing: in the event of an accident, customers need to access the video data in a timely manner. When selecting a car hard disk video recorder product, it is necessary to consider the security of the video da

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