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Practical installation method of car video recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-23
The vehicle monitoring system mainly includes cameras (cameras with audio), vehicle four-channel digital video recorders and other equipment. Shenzhen Tesiweier Technology provides passenger vehicle installation monitoring solutions. Vehicle monitoring installation Camera: The front camera can clearly monitor the appearance of the passengers on the train, preventing theft, Front door camera: It is installed above the driver's seat and mainly monitors the driving behavior of the driver. At the same time, it monitors the road conditions in front of the car and can provide traffic information basis when a traffic accident occurs. Rear door camera, the camera is installed on the top of the rear door of the car. The monitoring range is the rear of the car and the rear door. It can monitor and record the situation of the rear door of the car. (Or black and white) camera, even at night without any light, can ensure that the scene is clearly seen. Ticket office camera: It is installed above the coin box or ticket sales staff, and can monitor the process of passengers coining, swiping cards, or ticket sales to prevent ticket evasion and theft of tickets by passengers and passengers. Car camera Car four-channel hard disk recorder: The car hard disk recorder is installed under the seat or on the luggage rack. Pay attention to the following points during installation: The car hard disk recorder needs to be powered from the battery and cannot be directly connected to the engine; the car hard disk recorder must be secure Fixed; Car DVR cannot be installed close to the engine (too hot) or where heat can not be dissipated. At the same time of high temperature, pay attention to waterproof.
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