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by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-29
Nowadays, there are many kinds of porcelain, so many people have installed a driving recorder for their cars. The driving recorder can not only prevent porcelain from touching, but also be used as evidence to prove itself after an accident. In short, there is no harm. However, there are too many brands and different functions of the driving recorder, so how should we choose the driving recorder? 1: Select the recorder first to see if the function is affected under high temperature. In summer, the temperature is high. After the car is exposed to the sun, it is easy to reach more than 50 degrees. The temperature inside the car is as high as 60 degrees and 70 degrees, therefore, no matter what kind of rearview mirror is chosen, the working temperature is preferred. Some brands indicate that the working temperature is- 20 degrees to 70 degrees, this range is almost the same. In addition to the working state at high temperature, there are also some adhesive types. Whether it is easy to fall off at high temperature is also a problem. 2. The choice of recorder depends on the image sensor and lens. The most important thing to buy a driving recorder is to see the image definition, which is the embodiment of a brand's comprehensive performance, imaging clarity has a great relationship with the quality of sensors, apertures, lenses, etc. For example, many mainstream products use Sony IMX series sensors, and some use Anselme ARO238 sensors, etc, some driving recorders do not mark the model and brand of the sensor, and Xiao Bian feels that there will be some shadow in his heart. The lens is generally a pseudo-plastic lens and a glass lens. The wide angle of the glass lens is clearer, and the high temperature in summer will not become blurred. As for the aperture, the smaller the aperture, the larger the amount of light, the brighter the picture. On the contrary, the smaller the aperture, the smaller the amount of light, the darker the picture. If it is night, the smaller the aperture value under the same parameters, the better the effect. Wide Angle, each manufacturer claims that their driving recorder has a large wide angle, but the larger the wide angle, the better? In fact, if the wide angle is too large, it is easy to cause distortion of the image, the clarity will also decrease, and the image is also distorted and distorted. If such a picture really meets the touch porcelain, it is not easy to be adopted because the image texture is too poor, therefore, buying a driving recorder cannot simply pursue wide angle. Clarity and clarity are mainly related to day and night. No matter during the day or at night, if there is a porcelain touch or an accident, the driving recorder cannot clearly photograph the license plates and conditions of nearby vehicles, then it loses its own value. Many driving recorders are under the banner of high definition at night, but the actual operation depends on the image quality, so attention should also be paid when purchasing. Regarding emergency recording, I personally think that this function is still needed. The vehicle has a slightly vibration recorder that automatically opens, and the sensitivity of the induced vibration can be adjusted to large, medium and small, for the small partners who live in the old community, they should pay more attention to this point, because the monitoring of many old communities is not damaged or not opened at all, and some people can drive at night, etc. As long as there is a slight vibration recorder, it can be started, then it can be used as evidence. There are also some other functions of the driving recorder, such as various apps, which have different needs for each person and can be used according to their own needs. Nowadays, there are many brands of driving recorders. Mainstream products are generally good for those with good reputation. More advanced than the tachograph, there is also an integrated streaming media rearview mirror, which is more expensive.
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