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Status of vehicle monitoring equipment

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-27
1. Wireless mobile vehicle monitoring Wireless network monitoring can choose different standard communication networks. The 3G of China Unicom, China Telecom and China Mobile adopt WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA standards respectively. With the help of the WCDMA network, the video captured by the camera can be transmitted to the monitoring platform of the management department in real time. The video can be stored for half a month, and the staff can call it at any time. Domestic 3G wireless video surveillance has entered the growth period, especially in the field of school buses, buses and transportation, from a single vehicle-mounted system to 3G surveillance, the past driving monitoring has been upgraded to remote monitoring, and the vehicle status, driving safety and vehicle Dynamic information collection and mastering enable school bus and public transportation safety to achieve real-time remote monitoring in a short time. As the 3G network continues to mature, it has been gradually applied to public transportation, passenger transportation, school bus safety, power repairs, vehicle insurance claims field. The 3G network mobile car is very popular, and the most concerned is real-time monitoring, transmission, and viewing. In-vehicle monitoring transmits the monitoring video information to the control center through the 3G uplink channel, giving intuitive and fast management and viewing on the large screen of the control center. Once there is an abnormal situation, it can react within the first time, which can deter the crime to the greatest extent. However, the priority of the 3G network is voice signals, that is, voice communication functions. The channel left for video transmission is relatively narrow, and it is impossible to undertake large-scale video applications. Otherwise, the channel will be congested, not to mention the netbooks and data that are currently pushed. Heavy use of cards. 2. Car DVR The emergence of in-vehicle hard disk video recorders has solved the confusion of some departments. It is a dedicated embedded digital hard disk video recorder installed on mobile vehicles that can integrate digital recording, monitoring, entertainment, advertising and other functions. The camera can be monitored during the whole process of the vehicle. The captured video images are stored in the recorder. Once an accident or accident occurs, the information in the car DVR can be exported for retrieval and viewing. Speaking of car DVR application cases, the most painful and memorable one is May 29, 2012. 'The most beautiful driver' Wu Bin was hit by a metal block through the front windshield of the long-distance bus, causing serious injury and death. In the car monitoring in the, it recorded a short and shocking picture, which can clearly see the iron sheet smashing the windshield and hit the driver. The monitoring picture shows the good clarity of the video. With the increase of social recognition, various requirements at different levels have also emerged. The vehicle-mounted DVR function is constantly being improved, the scope of application will be wider and wider, and the role will be greater and greater. , Ships, ambulances and other vehicles have a wide range of applications.
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