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Talking about the current situation and future

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-16
In today's society, due to economic development and accelerated urbanization, public transportation, long-distance passenger transportation, school buses, taxis, etc. have become the main means of public transportation. Travel safety has become an issue of increasing concern to society, but traffic accidents caused by traffic congestion, illegal driving, fatigued driving, overloading, overweight, and poor management are frequent. The number of people who die from traffic accidents in China each year exceeds 100,000. Public transportation safety issues have increasingly become the focus of social attention. Vehicle monitoring From the development direction of the monitoring market, the development trend of in-vehicle wireless monitoring is developing in the direction of high-definition, intelligence, integration, standardization and industrialization. Details are as follows: HD The traditional vehicle-mounted industry mainly adopts the structure of ordinary digital video recorders and analog cameras, which has the advantage of low cost and less attention to other aspects of video surveillance. With the advent of networking and networking, the automotive monitoring industry is gradually developing towards high-end. Many users are not only satisfied with manual monitoring, but also need intelligent monitoring. The intelligent analysis system needs to process high-definition images to achieve the intelligent effect, otherwise it cannot achieve intelligent processing. The sharpness of image clarity brought about by high-definition has obvious advantages in future vehicle monitoring. Obviously, high-definition resolution image-based vehicle monitoring will inevitably become the mainstream of the future intelligent monitoring market, which will further raise the threshold of the vehicle monitoring industry and play a positive role in the orderly development of the entire vehicle monitoring industry. Car video surveillance Intelligent ????The advantage of intelligence is that it can provide more value-added applications for the special needs of the vehicle monitoring industry. For example, when the law enforcement vehicle is driving, the road bumps cause the image to jitter. For the image surveillance personnel, the image is unclear and difficult to obtain evidence And it is easy to produce fatigue on the picture; however, intelligent picture debounce can solve such problems, and in the bus industry, intelligent systems such as passenger flow statistics, face recognition, and license plate recognition can also provide better assistance to the background operation. . Integrated As more and more industry users pay attention to vehicle monitoring systems, vehicle monitoring gradually develops from a single video surveillance to a professional solution. For example, in-vehicle monitoring in the bus industry is a part of the overall operation and dispatching system. While conducting video monitoring, it also needs to work with other system equipment (gps positioning system, electronic report station, card reader, speed radar, license plate recognition, etc.) ) Collaborate. System integration requires the joint efforts of vehicle monitoring manufacturers and market users to produce system-integrated products that meet the needs of industry users. Car monitoring accessories standardization The current security hardware is very mature in the industry, but there is still a considerable gap in the construction of software systems. The mismatch of various subsystems, the standards are not uniform, and cannot be merged together. How to achieve better openness and sharing requires standardization. Promoting industry standardization requires the joint efforts of relevant government authorities and various manufacturers in the industry. Industrialization Not only will it be designed according to different industry applications, but also customized for specific customer needs. For example, like buses, passenger cars, police enforcement vehicles, taxis, etc., there are good product solutions to meet.
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