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Talking about the Intelligent Transportation GPS

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-15
In recent years, with the development of transportation and the increase in the flow of people, various passenger cars have begun to increase. At the same time, problems such as overloading, speeding, carrying prohibited items, etc. often occur. Moreover, the roads that often occur on high-speed or unmanned roads bring considerable difficulties to supervision. Ordinary manual or starting point monitoring has been far from being able to meet the current supervision. A modern and dynamic remote bus monitoring system is needed to improve bus supervision. Eagle Mobile Video monitoring system features solve the following problems: 1. Prevent overloading 2. Position the bus at all times 3. Passenger status monitoring 4. Prevent overtime driving 5. Car speed monitoring 6. Constant diagnosis of bus information 7. Abnormal alarm ??????8. Resolution of various problems such as video surveillance Vehicle positioning ??????1) Real-time location. Through the GPS module in the vehicle equipment, the current position information of the vehicle is obtained in real time. 2) Line status. Monitor the driving status of the vehicle on the road and prompt the driver in real time to follow the route and schedule. bus With the continuous improvement of technological level and the development of wireless network technology and digital video compression technology, the transmission of video, audio and data on 3g wireless networks has become a trend. Car wireless video surveillance systems have functions and features unmatched by other wireless surveillance systems. Features, can ensure the normal communication of data and audio and video during the vehicle movement, and can locate the position of the vehicle from time to time, fully complying with the strict requirements of the government and enterprises, is a typical digital, intelligent, networked, systematic wireless monitoring system representative. The solution of wireless transmission system has been widely used in public transportation vehicles, long-distance transportation vehicles, freight vehicles, special vehicles, public security, fire and armed police on-site command and exploration, as well as water conservancy and flood control, road rescue, urban management inspection and other emergency emergency command systems.
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