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Tell what is the AHD used in the truck monitoring system

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-06
Recently, the network eye AHD, as a new product and technology in the field of high-definition security, has aroused widespread concern in the industry. Many people do not fully understand what AHD is. Truck monitoring system manufacturers here give you a more comprehensive explanation. 1. Concept In a general sense, AHD is the abbreviation of American Heritage Dictionary, that is, the phonetic transcription of American traditional dictionary. This interpretation is often used. From a security perspective, AHD stands for Analog High Definition. Analog High Definition means simulating high resolution. Regarding High Definition, in simple terms, we usually call the format with a physical resolution above 720p as HD, or HD for short. The vertical resolution refers to 1080i, 720p or 1080p. 1080i refers to a resolution of 1920×1080, adopts interlaced scanning, and presents 30 full frames per second; 720p refers to a resolution of 1280×720, adopts progressive scanning, and presents 60 complete frames per second; 1080p refers to resolution The degree reaches 1920×1080, adopts sequential scanning, and presents 60 complete frames per second. AHD is based on the AHD protocol and uses analog coaxial cables to transmit progressively scanned high-definition video. Second, the scope of application AHD follows the approach and method of analog SD transmission, which can reduce the complexity of construction deployment, reduce the cost of auxiliary materials and maintenance complexity, and the technical requirements for construction personnel. It is very suitable for the upgrade and reconstruction of the old system. It can easily upgrade SD to HD without changing the original system. In addition, the high-definition quality and standard-definition prices allow AHD to have a very large room for development in both the civilian and industrial markets. 3. Features AHD is as simple and convenient to operate as traditional equipment. It can transmit up to 500 meters of high-definition lossless transmission with ordinary 75-3 coaxial cable, breaking the transmission limit of the existing transmission technology of high-definition video, which can achieve low cost, long distance, Delay, high efficiency, anti-jamming and easy to implement megapixel-level HD video transmission. 4. Development prospects In such an era of analog to digital high-definition monitoring, in such a period full of opportunities but also crisis-ridden, Huachuang era took the lead in injecting new vitality into the high-definition market. We can see that AHD is undoubtedly another technological innovation in the high-definition market, and will become a new trend in the security market. V. About Network Eye AHD The network eye AHD high-definition series products were independently researched and developed by Eagle Times and launched in the industry first. It integrates AHD high-definition module, AHD high-definition camera and AHD DVR back end into one, it is a set of high-definition solution with complete intellectual property rights. The network eye AHD high-definition series products will be the leader in the high-definition industry, not only leading the new trend of the security market, but also in line with the actual needs of current businesses and users.
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