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The 6 major features of vehicle monitoring are

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-21
With the rapid increase in the demand for public travel today, the industry is paying more and more attention to the safety and convenience of vehicle monitoring systems. The high-definition video, intelligence and rapid development of wireless network technology have spawned vehicle monitoring requirements at different levels. The functions of vehicle-mounted monitoring equipment are more perfect, and the application range is becoming wider and wider. High seismic performance design: the large bumps and vibrations caused by the complexity of the vehicle and road conditions have a huge impact on the safety of the hard disk reading and writing data, and even the irreversible damage to the hard disk. Therefore, the seismic technology It has become the most important technical issue for in-vehicle equipment. Earthquake resistance includes measures such as complete machine, hard disk rack, and hard disk shock absorption. At present, software and hardware are used in two aspects. The hardware adopts patented mechanical shockproof and electronic shockproof solutions, and the software adopts software anti-shock comprehensive shockproof solutions. Redundant treatment of the impact of vibration on the hard disk greatly improves the anti-vibration performance of the on-board equipment and the applicability under high jitter vibration environment. ?Vehicle monitoring Wide-state operating voltage: The usability of power supply is a very important technical index for inspection of vehicle equipment. When the vehicle is driving, there are often actions such as ignition, braking, and stepping on the accelerator. These will cause the output voltage and current of the vehicle power supply to fluctuate greatly, which may cause surges, which may easily cause the vehicle equipment to burn out. Therefore, on-board equipment must have wide voltage input, overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, power failure, and surge overcurrent protection to meet the driving of the vehicle in a complex environment; at the same time, when the vehicle suddenly loses power, it should have an automatic shutdown The protection function ensures that the data in the hard disk will not be lost. In order to facilitate the power supply of the equipment on the vehicle, the equipment supports a wide voltage input of 6 ~ 36V, covering the mainstream 12V and 24V powered vehicles. Dustproof, waterproof and heat dissipation: The vehicle will inevitably generate large heat during continuous operation. If the heat dissipation performance of the equipment is not good, the product life will be greatly reduced. The fully enclosed fanless design and the metal heat sink row design can effectively ensure that the devices in the device have a good heat dissipation environment; the high tightness of the interfaces and connectors can prevent water and dust from entering the chassis and avoid affecting the stability of the device run. Car type turntable recording: with three-azimuth gravity acceleration sensing function, detecting the state of the motor vehicle during operation, such as: sudden braking, rollover, sharp turning, impact, etc., recording the speed, steering, braking, reversing, door opening of the vehicle during operation Etc. to achieve full management and supervision of vehicles. When the vehicle is abnormal, the collected information will be transmitted to the control center in real time to play a pre-alarm role. Network performance: Achieving adaptive dual-stream encoding of video wireless network transmission bandwidth (with the increase and decrease of bandwidth, changing the video frame rate and code flow), supporting breakpoint resume transmission, remote monitoring, video download, electronic snapshot, remote alarm , Network timing, network settings, remote upgrade and maintenance functions. Vehicle monitoring network Intelligent video analysis: Intelligence is the development direction of video surveillance. Traditional video surveillance is mainly based on inquiries during video forensics. Intelligent recognition uses machine vision analysis technology to conduct behavior recognition. Dao and so on.
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