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The development prospect and background analysis

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-26
The traditional on-board video recorder is the most widely used tool for buses in various cities in China. For bus companies, the IC card reporting procedure is convenient, the daily payment of the ride amount is convenient, and the safety of various ride information is ensured. Corruption of staff and passengers saves the time of ticket sales, ticket collection, counting and counting, accurate and fast statistics, and saves manpower and material resources; to prevent the occurrence of large amounts of counterfeit currency, residual currency, counterfeit currency and other incidents With the phenomenon of falsehood; shaping and enhancing the image of the bus company. For passengers, using the IC card to get a discount can avoid the embarrassment of not being able to get on the train in time without change, avoiding the long queue time and facilitating the use of multiple people and multiple vehicles. Bus Car Video Recorder ??The intelligent vehicle-mounted terminal uses GPS global satellite positioning, computer communication and other technologies to realize functions such as automatic station stop, speeding alarm, and automatic reminder of the position of the front and rear vehicles, which greatly reduces the daily operation of the driver and improves the safety factor of driving. The vehicle is also equipped with passenger flow detection equipment, which can simultaneously detect the number of passengers on and off the door. At the same time, through the GPRS communication method, the two-way exchange of information with the data center and the dispatch center is realized, so that the manager can keep abreast of the status of the vehicle and passenger flow, and provide an important basis for the optimization of the line network, real-time vehicle monitoring and dispatch, and the status of the ticket. ??????In addition to real-time recording of the inside and outside of the vehicle, the on-board surveillance video recorder also has the function of recording and storing basic vehicle information, driving time, speed, braking and other information. The use of this equipment, on the one hand, restricts the consciousness of the driver and passengers to regulate safe driving and improve the quality of service; on the other hand, it strengthens the supervision of irregular behaviors such as smoking, mobile phone, and parking while driving, and Beware of thieves stealing in the car to ensure the safety of passengers' property. ????With the country's vigorous development of public transportation and the increasing demand for urban bus services, the single function of traditional vehicle-mounted machines is far from meeting the requirements of increasingly complex forms and versatility. There is only one way out to solve this problem, which is to consider the city bus as a huge intelligent system (bus ERP), to decentralize and refine the various functions of the bus into the various subsystems that make up the system, and constantly improve and Optimize the resource allocation of each subsystem. The bus dispatching system is the most important part of the smart bus system. The intelligent vehicle-mounted machine is the most closely related to people in the bus dispatching system. Its core is the embedded processor, which can free the driver from the manual stop reporting mode. It is more focused on driving, reducing hidden safety hazards, and in certain situations, it can also realize joint scheduling of vehicles.
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