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The EAGLEMDVRVIDEO vehicle monitoring system


The EAGLEMDVRVIDEO vehicle monitoring system consists of three parts:

  1) Vehicle monitoring equipment (MDVR/MNVR/PC)

  2) Central streaming media server (CMS/SERVER)

  3) Monitoring client software (CLIENT/WEB CLIENT/APP) Xuanyi, Xuanyi era

   Three-layer networking mode, the entire system structure is simple and clear, with good scalability, and can adapt to changing network monitoring requirements.

The front-end vehicle equipment is installed on the running vehicle. The equipment includes audio and video acquisition modules (cameras, pickups), audio and video encoding and decoding modules, namely DVR recording equipment (monitoring host), GPS data acquisition module and 3G/4G/5G transmission module , Alarm button, etc.

   LCD screen (optional), the system arranges a 7/9/10.1 inch color LCD screen in the cab for the driver to observe the situation in the car. The display screen adopts progressive scan mode, and the resolution is 1080/1024/800. The driver provides a remote control to switch and display the situation inside and outside the car. You can choose a single-channel screen or browse the four-split screen; the administrator can use the remote control to realize related functions outside the basic functions such as data query, system upgrade, data download, etc.

   The monitoring system platform is the core of the entire monitoring system. All vehicle video, GPS information, alarm information, video management, user authority management, etc., are all operated and managed by the system platform. The monitoring platform consists of server and client software.

  The server platform includes a database server and an application server, which is responsible for the distribution and management of user rights, as well as a server cluster that compresses and transmits the collected video signals and finally stores them.

   After the server of the monitoring center starts the service, it waits for the connection of each monitoring terminal. For the terminal in always-on mode, the current image situation can be inquired as needed, and the image changes of the monitoring point can also be automatically and continuously recorded.

The monitoring client software can preview the real-time video through the monitoring large screen or PC built by the user later.

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Features of Vehicle Video Surveillance System:

The vehicle starts to automatically record, and there is no blind spot in the whole recording;

Using DVR/NVR/PC proprietary file system to ensure that the video files will not be damaged due to frequent power outages when the vehicle is turned off;

And encrypt the video files to effectively protect data security;

During the operation of the vehicle, it provides full positioning, supports GPS positioning, and supports various electronic maps (Baidu, Google, etc.). You can see the location and running route trajectory of all vehicles on the electronic map in the monitoring center;

Can initiate a call and retrieve real-time video of the vehicle;

Support functions such as display/playback of driving route trajectory, target navigation, route planning/electronic fence (departure route alarm);

Support emergency linkage in emergency situations. Drivers and passengers can press the emergency alarm button to make a one-key call. The back-end monitoring platform can receive the alarm as soon as possible. It can realize two-way communication and GPS positioning. It can quickly give feedback and provide emergency measures. ;

Supports active reporting of various alarm information, and various alarm information reported by each vehicle can be viewed in the monitoring center in real time, including overspeed/low speed, video loss, storage (SD card or hard disk) damage, and line track deviation;

Can support fatigue driving reminder;

Support multiple operator networks, support heterogeneous networks (Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile 3G/4G/5G) mixed insertion, to achieve wide coverage, no omissions, no distance restrictions;

Using H.264/H.265 encoding format, high compression ratio, clear image; support 4D1 high-definition full real-time recording, which is clearer and more practical than the full CIF resolution recording of current manufacturers in the industry;

Using dual-stream technology to ensure the image effect of local video recording, and to ensure the effect of wireless transmission;

Support remote monitoring, two-way intercom, and multi-party calls;


Can support one-way high-definition video access, and can achieve high-definition monitoring of key locations;

Can support regular snapshot photos and upload them to the server in time for remote retrieval and reference;

Can support the upload of the video of the day's driving through wifi after the vehicle enters the station;

According to the needs of the owner, it can be customized and extended to support the remote lock, fuel cut and power cut functions under special abnormal conditions;

Support special function requirements such as segmented speed limit, voice broadcast, and remote shouting;

Support DMS, and ADAS AI intelligent driving monitoring.

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