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The safety awareness of automobile experts has

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-05-14
Recently, a video of 'the random change of van caused a thrilling scene of a car accident', which was captured by on-board surveillance, has become popular online. In-vehicle video surveillance is no longer new in today's vehicle installation. In addition to traditional public transportation vehicles, the phenomenon of installing video surveillance on private vehicles and other small vehicles is becoming more and more common. Car video surveillance As society's acceptance of in-vehicle digital video recorders has increased, demands at various levels have also emerged. The more complete the function of the vehicle-mounted digital video recorder, the wider its scope of application and the greater its role. It is not only widely used in city buses, long-distance buses, freight vehicles, but also in trains, ships, ambulances, fire engines, law enforcement vehicles, Traffic control vehicles, material transportation vehicles, station wagons, government agencies, school buses and other fields have very important uses. At present, from the perspective of vehicle-mounted security applications, it is mainly concentrated on highway operating vehicles (such as buses, taxis, school buses, passenger cars, etc.), law enforcement vehicles of government departments (such as police law enforcement, patrol vehicles, etc.), and the dangers of petrochemicals. Quality vehicles (such as tank trucks, dangerous goods vehicles, etc.). Among them, the current vehicle monitoring has a significant increase in the application of buses, school buses and buses. Especially in the field of buses and buses, the government's large-scale implementation of the 'transit priority' policy has brought opportunities for the implementation of bus traffic vehicle monitoring. ?Car video recorder Due to the mobility of vehicles, users' demands for remote video surveillance of vehicles, GPS positioning of vehicles \ Beidou satellites, and data exchange between dispatching hosts and platforms are particularly urgent. With the continuous popularization of 4g and 3g networks, the network bandwidth has increased exponentially, which can meet the needs of video data transmission with high frame rate and high image quality. The in-vehicle video surveillance solutions of the original bicycles, mainly based on local recording, are gradually developing towards systemization, networking and platformization.
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