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Types of car surveillance cameras

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-07-05
School bus monitoring cameras, truck monitoring system security monitoring industry has developed for more than ten years, from the initial analog monitoring to the current network monitoring, the development of truck vehicle monitoring cameras has also changed from the initial 'visible' to the current 'visible' 'Clear', but with so many surveillance cameras, how do we differentiate? What are the types of car display screens nowadays? Although network surveillance has become the general trend, the current market is still dominated by analog surveillance. The front-end equipment surveillance cameras of the video surveillance industry can be roughly divided into two parts: analog surveillance cameras and network surveillance cameras. The first type, analog camera: An analog signal is an electronic signal that changes continuously over time. The entire video monitoring system is divided into front-end video acquisition equipment, mid-end transmission processing equipment and back-end display viewing equipment. The analog camera we are talking about belongs to the front-end video acquisition device. The analog camera can convert the analog video signal generated by the video acquisition device into a digital signal, and then store it in the computer. The video signal captured by the analog camera must be converted to digital mode by a specific video capture card and compressed before it can be converted to a computer. Cameras are roughly divided into: gun machine, spherical camera, integrated camera, infrared day and night camera and so on. Simulation is the most traditional kind of surveillance camera. With the development of high-definition, simulation has also been extended, such as the current 960H high-definition camera, HD-SDI high-definition camera, HDCVI high-definition camera, etc. No matter what, the simulation is also in the direction of high-definition development of. Car Smart Camera Smart camera, also known as smart security, is one of the main functions of smart cameras. When there is movement in the home, the camera will immediately push a message on the mobile phone to remind the user. This was originally a very painful feature, but because of the inadequate design of the manufacturers, the push of messages was rampant. This should start from the principle of intelligent monitoring. At present, the intelligent monitoring of the camera generally uses a picture comparison method. As long as the picture captured by the camera is different from the previous one, the cloud will push a message. This kind of logic is actually very problematic. The comparison of pictures can't distinguish whether each message is important. Whether it is the alarm when the sky is dark or the door is opened, whether you open the door or the stranger opens the door. The second category, network surveillance cameras: Chongqing security monitoring, the security monitoring industry is no exception. Network monitoring cameras, commonly known as 'IPC', have benefited from the development of my country's network technology and the popularity of mobile terminals. If the current network surveillance cameras are classified according to pixels, there are mainly 1 million pixels, 1.3 million pixels, 2 million pixels, 6 million pixels, 12 million pixels, etc. Of course, for special industries, there will be network monitoring cameras with higher pixel requirements; if According to the function, it can be divided into wired network surveillance cameras and wireless network surveillance cameras. Generally, wireless network surveillance cameras are also the main products of home surveillance in recent years. The development of surveillance cameras from simulation to the network is a must-go trend. In the future, it may develop in the direction of intelligence, mobile, and cloud. Then wireless network surveillance cameras are worthy of our attention.
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