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'Vehicle camera' allows the car driver to take

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-04-09
The new car family is most afraid of the car being stroked. This random stroke will not only pay thousands of yuan in maintenance costs, but also greatly affect the mood. What's even more annoying for car owners is that vehicles often don't stop within the scope of camera surveillance, and can't lock the identity of the rower. They can only eat 'dumb loss'. However, in response to the frequent rowing incidents, there is a 'wide-angle infrared car camera' on the market that can solve the worries of car owners. One night the car was marked as a 'big face' ???Not long ago, Ms. Pan, a citizen, encountered such a very depressing incident. The car parked in the community was marked as a 'big face' overnight. 'At that time, when I was going to work in the morning, I saw that the car was scratched by people. The car cover, bumper, door, and trunk lid were scratched with triangle stones in 7 places. On the car! ' ??Seeing this, Miss Pan immediately called 110. Police handling the case said that the damage caused by the malicious rowing incident has exceeded 2,000 yuan, and they will file a case investigation. ????Subsequently, Miss Pan drove the car to the repair shop, and the boss said that she had never seen a car that had been marked so severely. 'The boss said that the ordinary car was scratched by keys, magnetic cards and the like, and the scratches were shallow, and my car was so deep, it is likely to be revenge.' Car camera can help you get evidence ????At major forums in the city, reporters often saw some car owners venting their anger because they couldn't catch a rower. ????If there is no evidence to catch the rower, is there no other way for the owner? ??Some netizens suggested whether it is possible to imitate a bus and install a camera in the car for future troubles. Anti-scratch camera 'Eagle Mobile Video' teaches you how to choose: 1. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery: This is convenient for car owners to recycle and work continuously for a long time. Generally, it can record for about 6 hours after a single charge. 2. The memory card can be expanded: it is convenient for the owner to adjust according to the length of the shooting time and the size of the stored content. Now the maximum expansion on the market can be expanded to 32G. 3. With infrared night vision function: This way, you can take clear and usable images when the lights are dim at night. The more infrared LED lights, the better the effect. 4. With motion detection function: automatically record when there is a moving target, and automatically enter standby when there is no moving target, which can extend the working time of the battery, and the standby time of motion detection can generally persist for 8 hours. 5. Memory consumption: 1.8G for 1 hour and 3.6G for 2 hours. If you want to work continuously for 8 hours, you need a 16G SD card.
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