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What are the components of the reversing radar?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
First, what are the components of the reversing radar? Novices will inevitably have bumps when driving, which can hurt the owner. How to safely reverse the car has become their heart disease. Don't worry, try using the reversing radar. Reversing radar detects the position of obstacles through ultrasonic wave, and the detection data is accurate. Today, I mainly introduce you to the composition of the reversing radar, which is also convenient for consumers to know more about the reversing radar. 1. Ultrasonic sensor: used to transmit and receive ultrasonic signals, and distance can be measured by ultrasonic sensor. 2. Host: transmit sine wave pulse to ultrasonic sensor, process the received signal, convert the distance value, and communicate the data with the display. 3. Display or buzzer: receive the distance data of the host, display the distance value according to the distance and provide different levels of distance alarm sound. Reversing radar passes through ultrasonic sensors (Commonly known as probe), Controller and display (Or buzzer)And other parts. It can inform the driver of the surrounding obstacles by sound or more intuitive display, thus relieving the trouble caused by the driver's front, rear, left and right visits when parking, reversing and starting the vehicle, it also helps the driver to remove the defects of dead corners of vision and blurred vision and improve driving safety. The above are the components of reversing radar and its working principle. The product has the characteristics of accuracy and rapidity in detecting data, helping the owner to reverse the car correctly, thus reducing traffic accidents caused by reversing. Second, the introduction of reversing radar probe, when it comes to reversing radar probe, it is related to ultrasonic probe, ultrasonic probe. The advantages of distance measurement are that it is convenient and rapid, simple in calculation and easy to achieve real-time control. It is a non-contact detection technology and can meet the requirements of industrial application in measurement accuracy. For example, in order to enable the mobile robot to avoid obstacles and walk automatically, a ranging system must be equipped to obtain the distance information from obstacles in time. In addition, it can also be used for reversing radar, mapping topographic maps, building houses, bridges, roads, excavating mines, oil wells, etc. Use reversing radar probe: in order to study and utilize ultrasonic waves, many ultrasonic generators have been designed and manufactured. Ultrasonic probes, using reversing radar probes, generally speaking, ultrasonic hair probes can be divided into two categories: one is to generate ultrasonic waves by electrical means, and the other is to generate ultrasonic waves by mechanical means. At present, Piezoelectric ultrasonic generator is commonly used. It has two piezoelectric wafers and a resonant plate. When its two poles are subjected to pulse signals, and its frequency is equal to the natural oscillation frequency of the piezoelectric wafer, the piezoelectric wafer will resonate and drive the resonant plate to vibrate, thus generating ultrasonic waves. On the contrary, if there is no applied voltage between the two electrodes, when the resonant plate receives the ultrasonic wave, it will compress the piezoelectric wafer for vibration and convert mechanical energy into electrical signals, then it becomes an ultrasonic probe. Reversing radar ranging: The reversing radar probe sends out ultrasonic signals at a certain time, which are reflected back after encountering the measured object and received by the reversing radar. As long as the time from the sending of the ultrasonic signal to the receiving of the echo signal is calculated and the propagation speed in the medium is known, the distance from the measured object can be calculated: reversing radar probe can be equipped with Shell and wire, or bare probe product can be aged at high and low temperature with stable performance. The outer diameter sizes range from 10mm to 22mm, and probes of various models and specifications are generally designed according to needs.
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