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What kind of driving recorder has high cost performance?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-29
1. Now the driving recorder has been divided into many branches, such as streaming media series, intelligent rearview mirror series, cloud mirror series and hidden series. None of them has good products and is suitable for different users. 2. Streaming Media driving recorder mainly reflects its streaming media effect and clearer image quality, but all driving recorders should pay attention to its pixels. 1080P is now the mainstream pixel, those below 1080P do not need to be considered. 3, No Light Night vision function, now no light night vision function has been broken, but the maturity of the technology is not unified enough, different manufacturers have different technologies, when buying a driving recorder, it is very important to test the matte night vision effect of the product, because matte night vision is the main technological breakthrough of the driving recorder. 4, front and rear double camera, since the installation of the driving recorder, do not leave a hidden danger to yourself, the front and rear double camera not only solves the problem of Touching porcelain in our front car, but also the rear-end collision of the rear car can be perfectly solved, wouldn't it be better to use one machine for multiple purposes 5. Intelligent voice control. The experience of intelligent voice control is the second important technological breakthrough of the driving recorder. Good intelligent feedback can give us a better product experience, the quality of intelligent voice control is also an important condition for evaluating a product.
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