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What should I pay attention to when installing the reversing camera?

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-28
Installing a reversing camera, the reversing image system requires some knowledge of automotive electronics and considerable hands-on ability. If it is not properly operated, it may cause damage to the car and do more harm than good, what should I pay attention to when installing the reversing camera? The ability of car owners in this respect is uneven. We usually do not recommend that car owners install reversing imaging systems on their own. It is recommended that the owner install directly to the technical service personnel, and require the construction personnel to operate in strict accordance with the product installation instructions; At the same time, if you encounter problems, you can directly find engineers to give necessary guidance and strive to standardize the installation process. Whether it is to install the reversing image, or to install the car navigation DVD system, as well as the original factory upgrade, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, such high-end car system navigation function reversing camera function upgrade, all need professional personnel to install, which will avoid many unnecessary losses.
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