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Working condition of car hard disk video recorder

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2020-03-19
1. Recording: Set according to the requirements of the passenger transport company. The driver starts the car, opens the door of the passenger on and off the car, the on-board hard disk video recorder enters the video recording state and starts recording. The company stipulates that passengers and passengers must sell their passenger tickets within 15 minutes after closing. Each video segment is a self-contained video package and stored in the hard disk. 2. Operation authority: The company specially sets the administrator. The administrator has all the operation rights of the car DVR. Drivers and crews are operators and are authorized to operate by the administrator. Generally, the operator cannot stop recording, change recording settings, etc., but can switch the sound of advertising and entertainment programs, and can perform operations such as playback of video segments. 3. Advertising and entertainment: The recorded advertising and entertainment programs can be edited and broadcasted by the operator, and the advertisements can be set to play regularly. The resolution of the programs can reach 704 × 576, and the program is easy to change. 4. Replay: The company or the traffic police department can get on the car at any time, and ask the crew members to play back the video data to see if there are any violations such as overloading, speeding, not buying tickets, etc. In the event of a case, the public security personnel may request the playback of relevant video materials to confirm the suspect, etc. 5. Backup: The company or other management department can use the administrator to back up the required video segments with hard disk, CD-ROM or network as the relevant factual basis.
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