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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and troubleshooting methods for hard disk video recorders

by:Eagle Mobile Video     2019-12-27
First, after starting up, the hard disk video recorder cannot start normally. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The input power supply is incorrect 2. Switch power cord contact is not good 3. Switching Power Supply is bad 4. Hard disk damage or hard disk line problem, second, hard disk video recorder will automatically restart or often crash after starting for a few minutes, a: possible reasons: 1. The input voltage is unstable or too low 2. The hard disk jumper is incorrect 3. The hard disk has a bad track or the hard disk cable is broken. Switching Power Supply power is not enough 5. The front-end video signal is unstable 6. Poor heat dissipation, too much dust, and the operating environment of the machine is too bad. Third, the hard disk cannot be found after startup. A: possible reasons: 1. The hard disk power cord is not connected. Hard disk cable is broken 3. Hard disk jumper error, four, single channel, multi-channel, all video no output answer: possible reasons: 1. Program mismatch, re-upgrade the correct program 2. The brightness of the image becomes 0, restore the default setting 3. Video input signal no or too weak 4. Set channel protection (Or screen saver) Five, real-time image problems, such as video image color, brightness distortion is serious, etc. A: possible reasons: 1. When BNC is used for output, the N system and PAL system are not selected correctly, and the image will become Black and White 2. Hard disk video recorder and monitor impedance does not match 3. The video transmission distance is too long or the video transmission line attenuation is too large 4. The color and brightness of the hard disk video recorder are not set correctly. 6. The local playback cannot query the video. Answer: Possible reason 1. Hard disk data cable or jumper error 2. Hard disk is broken 3. Upgraded the program 4, which is different from the original program file system. The video that I want to check has been covered. The video is not opened, 7. Local query video fuzzy answer: possible reasons: 1. The picture quality setting is too low 2. The program data is read incorrectly, the code stream display is very small, and the screen mosaic is full during playback, general machine shutdown, normal after restart 3, hard disk data cable and hard disk jumper error 4, hard disk failure, eight, monitoring no sound answer: possible reasons 1, not active pickup 2, not active Audio 3, bad audio cable, 9, monitoring sound, playback without sound answer: possible reasons: 1, setting problems: the audio option is not open 2. The corresponding channel is not connected to the video. When the image is blue, the playback will be intermittent. 10. The time is not displayed correctly. A: possible reasons: 1. Setting error 2. Bad battery contact 3. Low voltage. 11. Hard disk video recorder cannot control Pan/Tilt. Answer: possible reasons: 1. Failure of front-end pan-tilt head 2. Incorrect setting, connection and installation of pan-tilt head decoder 3. Setting of pan-tilt head in hard disk video recorder, incorrect 4. The PTZ decoder does not match the hard disk video recorder Protocol 5. When multiple decoders are connected, A 120 ohm resistor needs to be added to the far end of the PTZ decoder a B line to eliminate reflection and impedance matching, otherwise, the PTZ control will be unstable. 6. The distance is too long. 12. Dynamic detection does not work. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The time period setting is incorrect 2. The dynamic detection area setting is inappropriate 3. The sensitivity is too low. 13. The client or WEB cannot log in. A: possible reasons: 1. The client cannot be installed or cannot be displayed normally. The operating system is win98 or win me: it is recommended to update the operating system to win2000sp4 or above, or install a lower version of the client software 2, ActiveX control is blocked 3, no dx8. 1 or above, upgrade the graphics card Driver 4, network connection failure 5, network settings Problem 6, incorrect name and password 7, client version does not match the hard disk video program version, fourteen, the network preview picture and video file playback have mosaic or no image, a: possible reasons: 1. The network is not smooth. 2. Whether the client has Resource Restrictions. 3. The multicast mode is selected in the hard disk video recorder network settings. The multicast mode will have more Mosaics. It is not recommended. 4, the local set area occlusion or channel protection 5, the logged-in user does not, monitoring permissions, fifteen, network connection is unstable, A: possible reasons: 1. Poor contact of RJ45 interface of computer or hard disk video recorder 2. Unstable network 3. Ip address conflict. 16. Recording/USB backup error. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The recorder and the hard disk are hung on the same data line. 2. The data volume is too large. The CPU takes up too much resources. Please stop recording and prepare again. 3. The data volume exceeds the capacity of the backup equipment, it will cause recording errors. 4. The backup device is incompatible. 5. The backup device is damaged. 17. The keyboard cannot control the hard disk video recorder. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The serial port setting of the hard disk video recorder is incorrect 2. The address is incorrect. 3. When connecting multiple converters, the power supply is insufficient, and it is necessary to supply power to each converter. 4. The transmission distance is too far. 18. The alarm signal cannot be removed. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The alarm setting is incorrect 2. The alarm output is turned on manually 3. The input equipment is faulty or the connection is incorrect. 19. The alarm does not work. Answer: possible reasons: 1. Incorrect alarm settings 2. Incorrect alarm wiring 3. Incorrect alarm input signal 4. One alarm device is connected to two circuits at the same time. 20. The remote controller cannot be controlled. Answer: possible reasons: 1. The remote control address is wrong 2. The remote control distance is too far or the angle is relatively biased 3. The remote control battery is used up 4. The remote control is damaged or the video recorder, the front panel is damaged due to external reasons, 21. The video storage time is not enough, a: possible reasons: 1, the hard disk capacity is not enough 2, the front-end camera quality is poor, the lens is too dirty, the backlight installation, the aperture lens is not adjusted, etc. , the code stream is relatively large 3, the hard disk is damaged, 22. The camera with pickup is installed. The external sound of the video recorder during the preview process has no sound: 1. First select a channel to enlarge the picture. 2. Let's see if the plug of the external audio matches the video recorder. The external audio must be a Lotus head to match the video recorder. If not, you can change a Lotus head adapter to plug it in.
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