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CNMS 365 Not only limited to provide rock-solid platform

The ministry of communications standards

CMS for the ministry of communications with JT/T 808, JT/T 809 standards in China


CNMS 365 platform information management

Design concept, adhering to the informatization management platform to achieve users, vehicles, equipment information management, advertising

Excel alarm report

Alarm types: the emergency alarm button, the video signal alarm, illegal to open the door alarm, hard disk error alarm, speed/low speed alarm, mobile detection alarm, parking time is too long alarm, temperature alarm, GPS signal loss report to the police......

Open simple change

Open simple change Middleware

Middleware as a standard component calls, quickly into their system
To construct a application system in the industry。
Main function


1、Real-Time Video

Supports multiple video preview window, to support real-time and fluency preview mode, satisfy the customer different development requirements

2、Two-way radio and audio monitor

Support and car terminal two-way radio function, also support one-way listening the sound of the car terminal

3、Vehicle positioning

Real-time vehicle terminal GPS location and status information

4、Alarm monitoring

Real-time vehicle terminal alarm information

5、Video operation

Car terminal video retrieval and download function, also can undertake client video

titleOpen API

For third-party applications access platform services provide a unified HTTP connect port and interface.

Main function
Open API mainly include user login, access to customer information,Customer acquisition, car terminal's latest equipment listStatus, track playback, obtain the alarm events, for the carLoad terminal remote parameter control (such as oil, electricity, TTS voice).


Mobile APP
Mobile application open platform for third party provides a convenient mode of cooperation, to satisfy the mobile phone users and the demand of tablet users share information anytime and anywhere.Mobile application open platform provide interface to achieve third-party WAP station and client access to a variety of applications.

WIFI and 3G / 4G Systems Integration

Manages Mobile asset information, program download, downloading task, unified management of data,  recorded video files from the download site to the central Server, to avoid duplication of video files downloaded

Distributed Download Site

Each site can deploy multiple download servers for the site to download more than one mobiledevice at the same time.  Support.

Key Performance Indicators

Single download site supports more than 100 vehicles at the same time to download. Single download server supports 10 vehicles simultaneously download

Multiple WIFI Download Sites

You can deploy multiple download sites.  This will allow for simultaneous multiple download locations for  mobile assets.

Planned and Tasks download

Scheduled downloads will automatically download specific task .  Email or SMS notification can be activated and send after the 

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